My Book Drive

By Lucas Quan, Grade 1, BASIS Independent Fremont

This is the story of my book drive. This is how it all began.

Lucas.jpgOnce in school, we were having reading class. We were reading books until Ms. Castilla called bathroom break. A lot of people did not bring books, so they had to borrow from other people.  When Ms. Castilla called bathroom break one day, some student threw the “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” book. Ms. Castilla said, “some children in the world don’t have books."  When I heard that, I thought about our food drive and thought, maybe we could have a book drive to donate books, since in the food drive, we donated food. So I asked Ms. Castilla if we could have a book drive, and she said “yes." That is how I made up the book drive.

I had a meeting with the teachers about the goal. The goal of our book drive was to donate 132 books (1 book per person) from January 18th to February 3rd (17 days). We arranged 5 buckets. One for kinder, one for 1st grade, one for 2nd and 3rd grades combined, one for 4th grade, and one for the two 5th grade classes combined. We put the news into the newsletter, so the parents can let their children bring books to school to donate. When we had one week left, a 2nd grader donated 50 books. And to our surprise, we were not expecting to get 274 books at the end. It looked like everybody donated 2 books, because 274 = (2x132) +10. That is how I arranged the book drive. 

Lucas & Harter.jpgMr. Harter (our art teacher) suggested to donate the books to LUCHA (a San Jose elementary school where Mr. Harter used to work). Mr. Harter and I attended the book fair at LUCHA. First I arranged the books in the following order: K-1, 1-2, 2-3, 4-up, and challenging books. Next I taped signs onto the buckets out. Finally, I put the buckets out. That is how I arranged the books. 

Then I gave the books to LUCHA students. First, the students read in the booth, and got stamps. Then, they showed me their stamped bookmarks. If they have three, then they can get a book. Lastly, I gave the books out. That is how I gave the books to LUCHA students.