As the first day of our inaugural school year approaches, we're thrilled to unveil to you the team that will make up the founding faculty & staff of BASIS Independent Fremont. Many thanks to all who have participated in our numerous hiring events that have led to the hiring of such a talented group of professionals. We're pleased that you took part in such a crucial process of the establishing of our cohesive school community. We're pleased to introduce to you Taylor Small, Subject Expert Teacher: Math & Science at BASIS Independent Fremont.

Taylor Small discovered a passion for teaching while working as a student volunteer at the Longwill School for the Deaf and Bridge Learning Campus in the United Kingdom. It was during this time that she saw that her “love for learning and science could motivate her students to explore more of the world around them.” Her enthusiasm for her subject matter, and belief that “mathematics and science are a wonderful pairing that can answer many problems and unite many people from around the world” make her an ideal Math and Science Subject Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent Fremont!

Ms. Small completed her secondary education in the United Kingdom. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Bristol, and then went on to earn a Master of Science in Space Physiology and Health from King’s College London. Her teaching career has taken her around the globe. Most recently, she taught Math and Science to 3rd-6th graders at an international school in Germany.

BASIS Independent Fremont was a good fit for Ms. Small “because the school offers students an opportunity to grow and develop a pure interest and curiosity in both science and the world around them” and because she “enjoys working in schools that have an academically rigorous curriculum and structure, while still allowing teachers to use creative teaching methods.”

Visitors to Ms. Small’s classroom will certainly see lots of hands-on activities since she believes that “hands-on learning really helps to cement concepts into our brains” and, of course, is fun and engaging for the students! Her goal is to create a “safe, caring, and stimulating atmosphere where students can grow and mature—not only intellectually, but also emotionally and socially.”

In her free time, Ms. Small loves to travel (she visited 25 countries during the 2015-2016 school year!) and spend time with her husband, who is a teacher at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley!

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