As the first day of our inaugural school year approaches, we're thrilled to unveil to you the team that will make up the founding faculty & staff of BASIS Independent Fremont. Many thanks to all who have participated in our numerous hiring events that have led to the hiring of such a talented group of professionals. We're pleased that you took part in such a crucial process of the establishing of our cohesive school community. We're pleased to introduce to you Durred Francher, Director of Academic Programs at BASIS independent Fremont.

In 2008, Mr. Francher earned his Bachelor's of Arts from Arizona State University in Global Studies with a focus on Asian Culture and Society. He then went on to earn his Master's of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages with a study in Curriculum and Design from University of Phoenix. Mr. Francher continued to build his degree earning his Master's of Education in Elementary Education and Certification from Northern Arizona University. 

Mr. Francher joins BASIS Independent Fremont after transfering from his founding teacher position at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. After two years of teaching, Mr. Francher became the Dean of Students at BASIS Independent Silicon Vally, and is excitind to join BASIS Independent Fremont. Mr. Francher's goal as the Director of Acedemic Programs, is to ensure that every student that walks through the doors is able to leave with a lifelong love for learning and a desire to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Mr. Francher chose BASIS Independent because of the legacy of pushing students beyond what is "expected." He believes in imploring students to push the boundaries of their knowledge to greater depths.

“I believe that the point of learning is self-discovery and the exploration of human capability.  Therefore, I try to teach students to not only learn what a term or concept means, but to also find how that term or concept can be used to find further unknowns.” says Mr. Francher.

Mr. Francher loves learning new languages and exploring the world.

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You're invited to a Special Meet the Directors event on April 3 to meet Mr. Francher in person. Read more & register now.

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