Every parent’s hope is for their child to receive a quality education and college guidance. At BASIS Independent Fremont, your child will experience an academic curriculum that is second to none. When students reach Grade 9, they are challenged with a rigorous high school curriculum that prepares them for college academics and beyond.

At BASIS Independent Fremont, students have to pass at least six Advanced Placement (AP) courses and one AP exam before they graduate. They are enrolled in eight courses from their Grade 9 year to their Grade 11 year. This course load will challenge each student, and they will have plentiful resources to make the challenge exciting, not insurmountable. A huge factor in our student successes is the dedicated college admissions coordinator who helps support high school students in their goals.



This coordinator meets with students in Grades 9-12 routinely. Mr. Klein, the latest addition to the BASIS Independent Fremont administrative team, is the advisor that assists the students with their course selection, college testing preparation, one-on-one and group session meetings. He also sets up workshops to assist students with their college applications, letters of recommendation, essays, and interviewing skills.

Read on for more from Mr. Klein!

“As the college advisor, I want to help students at BASIS Independent Fremont get into their dream schools. I have had this passion of helping students achieve academic success since a young age. When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to help people, but did not know how to do it yet. Then again, what eighteen year old knows exactly what their path will be? I went to California State University, Monterey Bay, to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business. I felt that in the business environment, I would be able to help customers and my team members.

After working for a few years, I realized that my real passion lay in helping youth. I decided to pivot, and attended graduate school at San Jose State University, where I earned my Masters degree in Counselor Education. During this program, I was able to work with students from middle school all the way through their undergraduate years. This opportunity gave me the ability to help students with their academics and career endeavors. I had found the way to help that I had been looking for, and upon graduation, I discovered BASIS Independent Fremont’s program, and knew I had to join. I am excited to put my passions to good use and help the students of our first graduating class find their way forward!


As the college admission’s coordinator at BASIS Independent Fremont, I have multiple goals for the students and the parents. For the students, I plan to meet with Grade 9 at least once a month for one-on-one advising. This form of advising will revolve around academics, college searches, passions, and skill development. I’m excited to connect our Grade 9 with the senior class at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, our friends down in San Jose! This connection will allow BASIS Independent Fremont’s future first graduating class to see what the BASIS Independent Schools Senior Project and college counseling course looks like. Finally, I will have monthly informational meetings with the Grade 9 class and invite guest speakers to discuss important matters relating to college and careers.

As a college advisor, I will also be assisting parents who want guidance with the college application process. I will have monthly informational sessions that are directed to parents, and office hours and appointments available for parents to have one-on-one meetings with me. In these meetings, we will be able to discuss the student’s progress, possible improvements, and future short and long-term goals. Though the Grade 9 students won’t be graduating for a few more years, I know they and their parents are very interested in this process, and I am committed to supporting their goals.


These foundations will help our program grow with our students. By the time our Grade 9 students reach Grade 12, we will be ready for them with our dedicated class on college preparation. Each student will meet with their college advisor for one hour each day, Monday through Friday. In these class sessions, students work on their college applications and essays, ask questions about the college process, and receive consistent guidance on how to apply for college. This resource will help bring significant confidence in the student while their time at BASIS Independent Fremont. It should also bring a sense of relief to the parents, knowing that their child is receiving constant guidance through the college admissions process!”

Mr. Klein is thrilled to be a part of the BASIS Independent Fremont team, and will be providing more information about the college preparation process as the year goes on!

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