This week, 4th grade students finished up their work on operations on fractions. This means, the Taylor Small-512919-edited.jpgstudents have to bring all their knowlege they've learned about fractions, and apply it to these multi-step problems. While challenging, the students get a great sense of accomplishment on completeing the problems! We have moved onto a bit of geometry too, incorporating obtuse and acute angles into complementary and supplementary angles. At the end of this week, students will work on our Investigation (a more practical application of what we have been studying), which this week is about the co-ordinate plane!

Since the beginning of the year, we have been exploring sound energy. As part of our Physics unit, it allows us to study wavelength, amplitude, period, and pitch. This has been great fun for our students to discover what sound can look like! In addition, we are using some instruments borrowed from our music teacher, Mr. B., to discover how sound travels through them. It's given our students some insight into how wind instruments differ from percussion and string instruments that will surely help then in their music classes. At the end of the week, we will create our own instruments using re-used household objects, and make our own little band!