Parents often ask us, “Will my child do well here?” Our students come from many different MQ2A6479.jpgtypes of schools with varying methodologies of instruction. We believe that there are two common traits that all successful students at BASIS Independent schools share—a love for learning and parents who are committed to supporting their child in all their academic endeavors.

Students learn best when they actually want to learn and students succeed because they feel they are respected, challenged, and have teachers who care. BASIS.ed has developed a model that builds a culture of inquiry, trust, and engagement that will inspire each child's enthusiasm for learning. We also understand that a student’s success is often predicated upon the powerful relationships they form with highly qualified teachers. This is why we have engineered a system of support that allows any student, regardless of background, to achieve great things. We help students transition to the BASIS.ed model by surrounding them with a robust student support team, highly-qualified and enthusiastic teachers, and a hands-on, challenging world-class curriculum (that is fun!).

“BASIS Independent Fremont has offered us many ways to help our daughter transitioMQ2A7906.jpgn from her former school. The Director of Student Affairs, Ms. Hagopian, is very helpful in working with students to help them evaluate their challenge areas and works with them to do well in classes,” said 5th grade parent Shanthi Yellapregada.

Ms. Yellapregada also noted that administrators and teachers are highly accessible. Every teacher has office hours where students go for extra help. We empower students to take ownership of their education and encourage them to seek help when they need it.

Evidence is mounting that academic growth mindsets are extremely important to student success. Students’ sense of belonging in their learning environment and the extent to which they believe that hard work and persistence pay off—all of these have a powerful effect on student motivation. We work hard to address these areas in several ways but most MQ2A9831.jpgimportantly, we hire enthusiastic teachers who are Subject Experts and Learning Experts and genuinely care about the children they teach. It’s true what they say, enthusiasm is highly contagious and the success that our students achieve prove it.

“We chose BASIS Independent Fremont because of its holistic approach to teaching and recognition that learning is not linear,” said 1st grade parent Daphne Chang.  “We love that lesson plans are designed around certain rotating themes such as Ancient Egypt, weaved throughout multiple subject areas at the same time—whether they be math, science, art, engineering or humanities.”

Ms. Chang said she thought the BASIS.ed method helps foster her son’s curiosity as well as make the subject material “come to life” through hands-on instruction. She said, “We haven't been disappointed.”  She added that she “also loves that teachers with real-world subject MQ2A7997.jpgmatter expertise teach each of the subjects, so that our child can see what real passion for that subject looks like and learn about its real-world applications.”

There is substantial evidence that shows a direct correlation between a student’s high level of achievement and their overall happiness. A student’s happiness, in part, depends on the supportive relationships they build with faculty. We work hard to facilitate a school culture that is engaging, supportive, and fosters powerful relationships between students and teachers. At BASIS Independent Fremont, any student who is passionate about learning can succeed.