As Bay Area parents, a lot of your time is spent thinking about the various options at your fingertips for giving your child the very best education possible and how to set them up to attend the best colleges and universities in the country.

We invite you to join BASIS Independent Fremont administration & parents for a panel discussion about finding the best education for your child on April 23 at 1 PM at our admissions office in Fremont. Our parent panelists, all enrolled families at BASIS Independent Fremont (and some at our sister school, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley) are eager to meet you. 

We spoke to a few who shared their enthusiasm for helping parents evaluate the best schools in Fremont and the surrounding towns. Read more for a sneak peek at the parents you will meet and be sure to register now as space is limited and this event will reach capacity soon.

Gauri P., Parent of Anjali 

GAURI.jpg"We chose BASIS Independent Fremont because it is a STEM-focused school with grades up to 12. Fremont and neighboring cities have very little, if any options in good ranking high schools (private or public) and none with a STEM-focused curriculum. We looked at the statistics provided by BASIS Independent on OECD rankings, GPA, and students securing admissions in top colleges and earning scholarships. We met with teachers and students, asked them a ton of questions and understood why BASIS advertises as "Education Redefined". We are convinced that we have made the right decision and BASIS Independent Fremont will take Anjali on the path to success."

Diana Rohini LaVigne, Parent of Anoushka

DIANA.jpeg"After studying early childhood development at Harvard University, I've been a life-long learner of all things related to education and youth. In today's world, education isn't so straight forward and simple decisions seem like a thing of the past. While I have crystallized my decision to educate my children at BASIS Independent Fremont, I am really looking forward to speaking to parents about their journeys towards picking the best educational fit for their children.

At the end, we all want the same thing and I have found it powerful to share my experience to help other parents help them make their children's educational choices. I am truly excited to be part of the founding class for BASIS Independent Fremont and really want all parents looking to learn more about educational options not to miss this parent panel discussion. While my decision was based on the two prong approach to teaching with a subject matter and education expert, there are so many other things I love about BASIS Independent Fremont that I hope to share on the parent panel. Join me and other parents for time for discussion, idea exchange and open conversation about your child(ren)'s education, well-being and future."

Sanjana P., Parent of a BASIS Independent Fremont & a BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Student

"I am excited to be on the parent panel and share my experience with the BASIS Independent school system for the last 2 years. My older son has been at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley for 2 years now and I can't wait for my younger son to begin 4th grade a BASIS Independent Fremont this fall. It is amazing as a parent to have the option of sending my kids to a world-class school here in Fremont. I look forward to meeting other parents looking for the best for their children!"

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