These past few weeks have been busy for us at BASIS Independent Fremont! We've hosted a record number of families at various community events as our first-year academic cohort takes shape. Keep reading for highlights of our evening with BASIS.ed Co-Founder Dr. Michael Block and our Engineering Day where BASIS Independent Fremont students engaged in friendly, creative robotics competition. 

BASIS.ed Co-Founder Dr. Michael Block shares network college results, school rankings, and vision for BASIS Independent Fremont.

MKB_EVENT_1.jpgIn mid-March we had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Block to Fremont to meet with families and share what has made BASIS.ed-managed schools rise to the top of national and international rankings. 

At this standing-room only event, the excitement in the air was palpable as Dr. Block discussed the origins, philosophy, and mission of BASIS Independent schools. It was wonderful to see parents react so positively to the discussion on rankings, college placements, and cutting-edge senior projects. The event was a sign that we are crafting a community of learners with eyes on the bigger-picture college admissions goal as well as how to best get there.

We can't wait to help your child get there.

Students engage in friendly competition at our first ever Engineering Day.

ENGINEERING_EVENT_3.jpgBased on the noise level in the room, we'd certainly consider our first Engineering Day a big success! We hosted two different Engineering events, both catered to specific ages:

The Junior Aerospace Engineering Party (grades K-2) introduced our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students designed and constructed straw rockets that launched at amazing distances.

Truly working on understanding the design and engineering process, they then went back to the drawing board to better their rocket to see if they could launch it even further than their first attempt.

During the Apprentice Robotics Engineering Party (grades 3-5), students used LEGO® Mindstorm Robots in teams to design, build, and operate robots. They then battled other teams' robots in a classic SumoBots wrestling match. 

ENGINEERING_EVENT_1.jpgStudents squealed with delight when it came time for competition. They, too, were able to go back to the drawing board to better their robot in hopes of beating out the other teams’ robots.

We look forward to holding many, many more events for you to learn more about our world-acclaimed program and how it is unique in preparing students not only for a lifetime of learning, but some of the best colleges and universities in the world.

Don't delay in submitting your application; spaces for our inaugural year are filling fast. Many events are only open to applied students. 

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