Dr. Leyba, our Head of School at BASIS Independent Fremont, has been completely committed to creating the best possible learning experience for our students this year. She knows how difficult it is to find the right school for your child, especially during this unique and unprecedented time. Dr. Leyba wants to provide families with the right information and tools so that they may make an informed and confident decision about what school their child(ren) should attend. Read on to learn what Dr. Leyba has to say!

From the Desk of Dr. Leyba:

Dear Families,

I am so excited that you want to learn more about BASIS Independent Fremont, and that you are considering joining our school community. I understand that choosing the school that is the best fit for your child(ren) and family can feel overwhelming at times. This is particularly true if your child is younger and you do not yet know how they learn best, or what they need from a teacher. The reality is that not every school is the right fit for every family. When evaluating schools, here are some things to ask and consider:


  • What is the school’s teaching philosophy? Does it align with how your child learns, or what you value as a parent?
  • What are the school’s core values?
  • How does the school envision the parent-school relationship? What are the expectations for parental involvement? This should not just be limited to volunteer hours, but also the expectation for parental help at home with homework or projects.
  • What is the school’s approach to social-emotional education? Do they follow a curriculum? Which staff members support this effort?
  • How does the school support students who are above or below grade-level academic expectations?
  • How much homework should you expect? Ask about future years, too.
  • How does the school choose teachers? What is the hiring process? How do they evaluate teaching efficacy? Are parents able to provide feedback?

Curricular & Programmatic

  • Is the school accredited?
  • What are the required classes for students year by year? What is mandatory, and where do students have choices?
  • How often does the school evaluate its curriculum, and under what circumstances would they make changes to their program? What role do parents have in evaluating curriculum?
  • For older students: What is the college counseling plan?
  • What does a student need to do to matriculate to the next grade?
  • How are courses graded? When and how do parents receive information about their child’s academic performance?

Practical and Logistical

  • Is the school close to where you live or work? While a commute to school might not seem like a sacrifice when you sign enrollment paperwork, after you’ve been doing it for a few months, it can get tough, for both parents and children. Additionally, you probably want to be able to easily take part in school activities (carnivals, socials, performances, etc.), so a school that is far away from where you live or work might not be the best fit.
  • Does the school offer before or after school care that meets your family’s needs?
  • What is the tuition? What additional fees can you expect each year, and do those expenses change as students get older?
  • Does the school offer extracurricular options or clubs that your child will enjoy? Or will you need to find things outside of the school for your child?

Miscellaneous factors that are important to your family: This will obviously vary by family, but be sure to ask questions that are specific to your child. Maybe you want to know if the school offers a particular competition, or what the attendance policy is for longer vacations at holidays. Every family has something that is particular to their needs. Be sure to ask!

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