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It is an exciting time to be part of BASIS Independent Fremont!  I have really enjoyed meeting so many families at our different events over the last few weeks; it has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm we already have for this new school.  In talking with parents, one question that I am regularly asked concerns how we go about hiring teachers.  This is a great question, especially since one of the hallmarks of a BASIS Independent school are teachers who are subject experts, and are passionate about what they teach. 

My main focus at the moment is hiring the best teachers for our students. At the primary school level, that means searching out the best Subject Expert Teachers (SETs) and the best Learning Expert Teachers (LETs). SETs have deep content knowledge, and generally come to BASIS Independent with an advanced degree in their subject. I encourage you to read about our teaching philosophy and the LET/SET dynamic on our website. LETs, who remain with the same group of students throughout the day and work with the SETs to provide differentiated instruction, often have strong backgrounds in early childhood education. I want more than strong resumes, though! 

After each candidate has completed an in-person interview, they are invited to a hiring event where they teach a sample lesson to prospective BASIS Independent Fremont students. We are holding our first Teacher Demonstration day on February 20. Please read more and register here  When observing teaching demos, my focus is less on content and more on student engagement.  I want to see teachers who understand how to get students involved in a lesson and, most importantly, get students excited to learn!  Successful candidates will be offered positions within the school and will begin taking part in “Meet the Teacher” events throughout the spring. You might want to check out our two-part blog series on Teacher Training which helps shed light on how great teachers become BASIS teachers. 

I certainly know that parents are eager to meet their child’s teachers and learn more about each teacher’s background and teaching philosophy.  We want you to have many opportunities to do just that prior to the start of the school year.

If you have any questions about how we hire and what we look for in a BASIS Independent Fremont teacher, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can speak directly, or to attend one of our information sessions, where we talk about this and other topics in more detail. 

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