There are so many aspects of BASIS.ed Teacher Training that make this one of the most beneficial weeks for new faculty and staff, from educational breakout sessions and inspiring presenters, to team building projects and evening group outings. Today, we offer an insider's perspective of a fun team building project and one of the many breakout sessions from BASIS Independent Fremont's own Heather Burley, Drama Teacher.

It's been an exciting and very educational week here in Phoenix! One big highlight was when BASIS Independent Fremont teachers participated in a great team building exercise. Our teams were challenged to build the tallest tower using gum drops and toothpicks. It is so wonderful to be a part of the BASIS Independent Fremont team!


I really enjoyed the breakout session this week on Teaching, Assessment, and Critical Thinking with Michael Hollowed and Yaxha Ruvein. I liked the technique the presenters mentioned called “stretch it, sketch it” where students are invited to stretch out a thought or idea through sketching. This concept inspired me to think of how to use this idea in my drama classroom. I thought it would be fun to implement “stretch it, stage it” where students could stretch an idea further through creating tableaux. 


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