Today marks the first day of the week-long annual BASIS.ed Teacher Training. This exciting event is designed to be the first stop on our new teachers' journeys towards becoming BASIS Independent classroom champions. We're tapping into a select few BASIS Independent faculty and staff to shed some light on the happenings throughout the event. First up is our very own Head of School, Dr. Ashley Leyba. 

Welcome to the BASIS.ed Teacher Institute!

This is an exciting week for all of our BASIS Independent teachers—the BASIS.ed Teacher 9179_Leyba_Ashley.jpg
Institute is here!  As I write this, all new BASIS.ed teachers (from all of our schools across the globe!) are en route to Phoenix, Arizona for a week of professional development and team building.  It promises to be a busy week for everyone.  I, along with a handful of BASIS Independent teachers, will be blogging regularly throughout this week to give you a glimpse into what goes into training. 

Here are some things to look forward to (or that I’m looking forward to!):

Sessions on BASIS.ed culture: As the Head of School for our up-and-coming school, this is something I’m particularly excited about. We have an amazing opportunity to shape our school culture in Fremont, and these sessions about what makes a BASIS.ed school special will provide an excellent foundation for me and all of our faculty and staff.


Meetings with Subject Advisors: All teachers will spend significant time with their Subject Advisors (SADs). SADs are veteran BASIS.ed teachers who act as mentors to teachers within their subject throughout the year.  When I was a new teacher, I found these sessions to be invaluable.  I learned so much from the other history teachers there—not just about writing a syllabus and the topics I would need to cover throughout the year, but also about how to manage my time best and how to make the transition into teaching in a BASIS.ed classroom.  I walked away from these sessions with tons of resources and a network of people to whom I could reach out if ever I had a question.

Team Building: All of our faculty members are attending training this week, and every afternoon, our school will meet as a group. My main goal during these school meetings is to build camaraderie and a strong team.  Our school will only be as successful as our team is, so it is essential that we begin collaborating now.

Baseball! We’re going to see an Arizona Diamondbacks game on Tuesday night.  Admittedly, I am not much of a baseball aficionado, but I’m looking forward to the group outing!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures throughout the week!