Our students have fun learning and growing at BASIS Independent Fremont, but their adventures don’t stop at the classroom! Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the amazing academic and extracurricular successes our students (and school as a whole!) have achieved in the 2017-2018 school year:

School Successes

International Schools Assessment (ISA) Scores – 2018

In February, our students in grades 3-5 took the International Schools Assessment (ISA), which tests math, reading, and writing.  We recently received our scores and were so proud to see that our students are above international averages in all subjects.  Additionally, BASIS Independent Fremont students scored first in the BASIS network in math across grades 3-5!  An extra congratulations goes to our 3rd grade students for scoring first in all subjects across the network!

New Subject Advisors

Three of our wonderful faculty members have been selected as Subject Advisors for the entire BASIS Curriculum network! These teachers are now in a position to share their amazing expertise with teachers across all the BASIS charter, independent, and international schools. Congratulations to Ms. John, Ms. Burton, and Coach Andy for achieving this honor!

New Teacher Mentors

We will have two new teacher mentors next year! Mr. Huneycutt and Ms. Burley will join Mr. Harter as peer mentors and resources for our talented teaching staff.

Student Successes

AMC8 Exam

In the MAA American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 8 exam, administered voluntarily to students grades 8 and below, 6 out of 29 participating BASIS Independent Fremont students scored “Exemplary” marks, and the school’s team score was 59, which means our school attained a School Certificate of Merit!

Alan F., 6th grade, scored first at BASIS Independent Fremont, first in section, a Certificate of Achievement, an Honor Roll Certificate (which means he scored in the top 5% of students nationwide), and an Honor Roll of Distinction (which means he scored in the top 1% nationally). Kai L., 4th grade, scored a Certificate of Achievement. Ryan L., 5th grade, achieved the Honor Roll distinction, placing him in the top 5% nationally.

AMC 10 - 2018

Allen F., 6th grade, qualified for AIME with his 2018AMC10 score.


In the 43rd CalChess Scholastic State Championship (Kindergarten - Grade 6 Junior Varsity, rating 500-799), Lucas Q., 3rd grade, won all 5 games and ranked No. 1. Lucas and Naga S., 6th grade, won a 4th place trophy as representatives of BASIS Independent Fremont. For ages 4-5, the BASIS Independent Fremont team placed first at the Chess Age Level Championship. At this Championship, Elizur F., 1st grade, placed 1st in the Age 6 category. Imran C., 1st grade, placed 1st in the Age 7 category, and Andrew G., 2nd grade, tied for 6th place at the Age 4-9 Invitational level. The NorCal Chess Club also placed 2nd (K), 2nd (1st grade), and 4th (2nd grade) at the Grade Level State Championships for Chess.




Destination Imagination

Several teams of BASIS Independent Fremont students participated in this year’s Destination Imagination program and event! Each team was given a challenge to tackle, including designing a building concept that could withstand an earthquake and creating an “Unlikely Attraction” situation using many scientific concepts. Each team worked together for several months to refine their concepts. This project reinforced their teamwork and cooperation skills as well as their creative problem solving skills, and was a fun challenge for our students!






FLL Competition - 2017

The Optimi Technezei team, comprised of five 6th grade BASIS Independent Fremont students and 1 BASIS Independent Silicon Valley student, participated in 2017 FLL Competition and won a Global Innovation Award for their project.


Optimi Technezei-Team


The 5th grade Aguamenti team, comprised of five BASIS Independent Fremont students, competed in the FLL qualifying round and won the Best Core Values trophy. They also won the Global Innovation Award and advanced in the FLL competiton.


Arnav, 6th grade, qualified for International Geography Bee.

Anvith, 4th grade, and Omkar, 6th grade, qualified for US Geography Olympiad.

Girls' Adventures in Math

In the April 2018 GAIM Girls' Adventures in Math, BASIS Independent Fremont had two middle school teams for the Middle Division: Grades 6-8. Our sixth graders scored well against their eighth grade competition! Well done Shreya, Nancy, Ananya, Aneeka, Anindita, Laasya, Katherine, and Shirley!

History Bee

Anvith, Omkar, and Arnav, 6th grade, qualified for the National History Bee Regional Finals.

Arnav K. and Ruoqing W., 6th grade, qualified for the History Bee Nationals.

Martial Arts

Aishani P., 3rd grade, represented her martial arts school Dragon Shaolin Kung Fu in the 2018 Tiger Claw Elite Championships. She won two silver medals in Kung Fu Fist and Kung Fu Two Handed Weapons for the 7-8 age group.




Rhea (4th grade) and Saira (3rd grade) Singh regularly train and compete in the martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu! You can also see them representing their skills in local events like the annual July 4th parade.






Math Olympiad

Kai L. and Karissa T., 4th grade, scored in the top 10% nationally in the Math Olympiad competition. Kai L. scored first among the participants from BASIS Independent Fremont and is in the top 2% nationally, and Karissa T. scored eighth.

Mathleague.org State Championship

Kai L., 4th grade, attended the mathleague.org State Championship and scored 5th place in California. The top 10 students from each grade are invited to attend the National Championship, and Kai will be going to Texas in June for the competition.




National Honor Roll - Math

Ayan R., 2nd grade, achieved the National Honor Roll medal for mathematics!




NFMC Junior Composers

Karissa T., 4th grade, won the NFMC Western Region Junior Composers contest with her piano piece “Lost in Thought.” Karissa’s piece progressed to the national level and received an Incentive Award!




Science Olympiad

Several students from BASIS Independent Fremont participated in the Science Olympiad Contest held by Science Gurus at the American High School. Yagnik C. and Anvith K., 4th grade, won the 3rd place in Mission Possible build event where they had to design, build and test a Rube Goldberg-like device incorporating simple machines. Naga S., 5th grade, and Arunay, 4th grade, won the 8th place medal for a Rubber Band Catapult, where they had to design and construct a catapult device to shoot a rubber band at a target that is placed within a given range.

Spelling Bee

Bridget L., 5th grade, competed in the Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee.

Synopsys Science and Technology Championship 2018

Louis L., 6th grade, won an Emerging Scientist Award at this year's Synopsys Science and Technology Championship. Raagini G., Esha B., and Anjali P., also 6th grade, won second place awards for their projects.


Shreya S., 6th grade, won the finals for Girls Singles of The Paragon Junior Challenger - NTRP Round Robin held at Saint Mary's College in Moraga, CA. This was a USTA Tournament held on May 12-13, 2018.




Wonder League Robotic Competition

In this year’s Wonder League Robotic Competition, Olivia M., 5th grade, and Terry Q., 4th grade, qualified for the final invitation round with the other top 15% of competitors. Olivia and Terry also won 4th place in the VEX Robotics Competition.

Congratulations to all of our amazing students! We're so proud of your wonderful successes this year, and hope you all have equally wonderful summers!

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