BASIS Independent Fremont, the East Bay branch of the data-driven, globally benchmarked BASIS Independent Schools Network, opened a second campus location on October 7, 2019, to accommodate its growing middle school and prepare for high school classes the next school year. Located on Mission Boulevard, the second campus location is the first step towards BASIS Independent Fremont’s goal of providing the premier private education experience in Fremont from grades TK-12.




“We are thrilled to expand our campus to accommodate more grades while keeping class sizes small,” says Dr. Ashley Leyba, Head of School. “At BASIS Independent Fremont, we constantly evaluate the best ways to teach our students how to thrive in today’s globalized and increasingly interconnected world, and that includes providing more space for us to grow our program into a full high school experience.”



At the official opening ceremony on October 7, Dr. Leyba addressed the assembled crowd of BASIS Independent Fremont families before a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by the town council and other local government representatives.



One of the most highly anticipated moments of the ceremony was the reveal of the new Upper School mascot. BASIS Independent Fremont's Lower School (Grades TK-5) mascot is the Bumblebees, but Upper School (Grades 6-8) students had expressed interest in having a different mascot for their middle school to help focus their identity. After rounds of voting and student contributions, the verdict was announced: the Upper School mascot is the Yellow Jackets!




Students and parents had the opportunity to tour the newly renovated building, including science labs, outdoor lunch space, and state of the art classrooms. The hallways were bustling with excited attendees.



Once the parents left, students were assigned lockers and learned where all their classes would now be located. Teachers took groups of students on mini-tours, and everyone settled in to the new environment.



At lunchtime, students continued the festivities with a water-balloon fight and frozen ices for dessert!



Students and staff alike are thrilled to be situated in their new location.

BASIS Independent Fremont currently accepts students in grades TK-8, and the school will offer Grade 9 classes for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students take accelerated coursework designed to implement international best practices, and students in grades TK-4 have two teachers per class to allow for additional differentiation in learning. At the high school level, students in BASIS Independent Network schools take multiple Advanced Placement courses per year. By senior year, students may opt for Capstone college-level seminar courses, and in the last trimester, many students qualify to embark on a Senior Project, a three-month research project off campus with the support of a faculty and off-site advisor.

BASIS Independent Fremont is part of the BASIS Independent Schools network. BASIS Independent Schools offers the high-achieving BASIS Curriculum, which was founded in 1998, and educates preschool (TK) to grade 12 students at the highest international levels, preparing them to be participants, not spectators, in the 21st Century global workforce of commerce and innovation. In the 2019-2020 academic year, there are 12 schools in the network, including six independent schools in California, New York, and Northern Virginia; five international schools in China; and one in Bangkok. For more information, please visit

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