At BASIS Independent Fremont, our teachers are passionate and our students motivated to learn. Our parents are the crucial third element of this learning system—from inspiring their kids to be curious about the world around them, to volunteering to help at school events, our parents make sure their kids are ready to get the most out of their education.

Alyce Moy is the parent of a student in Transitional Kindergarten and a student in Grade 2. She shares her thoughts on BASIS Independent Fremont below.




My name is Alyce and I am a mom, first and foremost, to my three little ones: my daughter is in second grade, my son is in Transitional Kindergarten, and my youngest son is in diapers (he’s 3 months old).

I grew up the child of immigrants, whose highest level of schooling was high school, and attended public schools, so I had little guidance on my education journey until college. I was motivated and did well enough to attend MIT, where I studied at the Sloan School of Management.

I wanted a school where my kids could continue their education in a consistent environment with the same educational values and approach throughout and following a curriculum path from now until they go to college… so a school that covered TK-12 was ideal.




And, of course, I wanted a school with a strong academic focus, but at the same time, I did not want this to mean a place that had a single-minded focus on test scores and grades or a place that prescribed a lot of rote learning. If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout my own education journey and all these years working in Silicon Valley being around a lot of smart, ambitious, and successful people, it’s that book smarts alone is not enough to be successful and impactful in a chosen profession.

Test taking skills may get you into college, and repetitive exercises may produce results in the short term in school, but doesn’t often translate into success in college, and certainly not success in the real world. So yes, it’s important to have a great academic foundation, but it’s just as important to have an understanding of the innovation process, know the importance of creativity, have curiosity across multiple disciplines, and be able to make connections between all of this and the real world. So finding a secular school with a liberal arts and STEM focus was important to me. BASIS Independent Fremont offers that and more with art, music, drama, engineering, physical education, and Mandarin as part of all kids’ weekly program from TK through Grade 4.




There are other school choices in this area that lead with strong academics, but what impressed me most about BASIS Independent Fremont was their emphasis on the whole child, and how nurturing independence is a core value of the school. This means they worry just as much about a child’s social and emotional development as their academic development, understanding that having a solid foundation of social/emotional skills will lead to achievements in the academics.

Many BASIS Independent Fremont parents came to know the school through reading about the success of its students and how many get into the country’s top universities. But I think what they don’t realize is that this isn’t just about the academic curriculum. It’s the development of these other areas of the student from TK through high school that yields the type of student that universities love - independent kids who are smart, hard-working, persistent, well-rounded problem solvers--great communicators, are able to translate challenges into opportunities, and tackle these with confidence-- This is due to the culture that is specific to BASIS Independent Fremont.




My son is in TK, and he gets the full slate of subjects, not just the core math, science, reading, writing, but the art and the music and drama and engineering. Class is also structured in a way that is engaging for kids this age, interspersing interactive activities with guided lessons and hands-on learning. He gets multiple recesses for active play and socializing with friends and he gets PE, every single day. The kids also have two teachers with the students at all times to ensure they all get the attention and support they need throughout the day.

I know some choose other schools because of their academic rigor, but at BASIS Independent Fremont, I find that the kids get the academics, but just as importantly if not more so, particularly at this young age, they get so much more. They get to be challenged at the right level and be in an environment that is supportive and nurturing, and where they can cultivate the skills needed to tackle the more challenging academics in the future.

Ultimately, I want my kids to be at a school where they wake up every morning excited to go to, where they have fun and can further grow a love of learning.



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