It’s been another exciting year at BASIS Independent Fremont! Read on for a look at some of the amazing things our school, teachers, and students accomplished during the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you to all our parents who shared what their children have achieved!


Our School

BASIS Independent Fremont performed excellently in this year’s International Schools Assessment exams in reading, writing, and mathematics for grades 3-5. Our students excelled in all subjects, with a difference of up to 37% higher than the national average.

The BASIS Independent Fremont chapter of the National Junior Honor Society organized this year’s holiday food drive to collect food to donate to the Tri-City Food Bank. Our school collected over 4,000 non-perishable food items this year!


DSC01071 (2)


The 3rd grade Magnesium class, with the help of their Learning Expert Teacher, Ms. Lapres, wrote and illustrated stories that were published through a company called Student Treasures. The students worked for about two months to write, edit, and rewrite their stories, and to plan and execute their drawings. Ms. Lapres compiled the finished stories and drawings and mailed them off in late April. Then, in early May, she surprised the students in their Connections class with the published books. They celebrated their achievement by inviting other students and teachers to come to their classroom and hear them read their science fiction, fantasy, and fiction stories out loud.

In May, the BASIS Independent Fremont chapter of the National Junior Honor Society hosted a family game night to raise money for the organization EHP Cares. Their event was great fun for all and raised $345 for the charity!




Our Teachers

Ms. Nichols, one of our Kindergarten Expert Teachers, turned her passion for art into a small business! Ms. Nichols started a website where she can sell her art, which includes beautiful animal portraits and adorable giraffes who do yoga.




Mr. Betcher won the prestigious Johns Hopkins University’s Sarah D. Barter Fellowship award and attended the Fellowship’s annual conference. He was nominated for this award by one of our students, and he was one of a select few nationwide invited to attend the annual conference, which focused on the theme of creating meaningful teacher training programs.




Ms. John, a Transitional Kindergarten Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent Fremont, was selected to be a Teacher Mentor for the 2019-2020 school year! In this role, Ms. John will be a mentor for teachers across the BASIS Independent Schools network. In addition, Ms. John is a “super Subject Adviser” for the early education team in the network.

Ms. Burton, a second grade Learning Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent Fremont, was selected to be a Teacher Mentor for the 2019-2020 school year! Ms. Burton has also been appointed as a Subject Adviser for first and second grade across the BASIS Independent Schools and BASIS International networks. She will advise her peers on running excellent Connections and READ classes for their students!

Mr. K. Wagoner, a Learning Expert Teacher, has been selected to be a Teacher Mentor and a Subject Adviser for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mr. Harter, a Visual Arts Subject Expert Teacher, has been selected to be a Teacher Mentor for the 2019-2020 school year.

Ms. Burley, a Theatre Subject Expert Teacher, has been selected to be a Teacher Mentor for the 2019-2020 school year.

Many of our wonderful teachers have been selected as Subject Advisers for the 2019-2020 school year! Subject Advisers are resources for other teachers in the BASIS Independent Schools network who teach the same subject as the subject adviser. Congratulations to Ms. Jancy, Ms. Villanueva, Coach Andy, Ms. Sagal, Dr. Sadrian, Ms. Han, and Ms. Yu for being selected to this important role!


Our Students

Congratulations to Neil B., Andy W., Lucas Q., and Keith L. for winning the Championship at the 2018 Bay Area Chess Labor Day Kids Tournament!


labor day chess

In October, many BASIS Independent Fremont students competed at the Open Sports Tri-Valley event. Congratulations to Samuel C., Ethan C., Fendi D., Allen F., Winston G., Michael H., Baolyn L., Claire T., Ayden W., Kevin W., and Kevin Z. for all winning at least two medals in the various track events!



In November, James G., Ryan L., and Joshua N. competed in the 2018 First Lego League NorCal Tournament in Cupertino. Their team achieved the Core Values award, and were invited to compete in the Northern California Peninsula District Championship.




Karissa T., Kai L., Adrian C., Lucas Q., Victor K., and Theodore C. went to a contest in mid-December, achieving the 3rd place award for school teams. Good job!


mathleague dec


Imran C., second grade, won the Grade Level National Championships (Chess) in Orlando, Florida. This tournament, organized by the United States Chess Federation, was a grade-level competition for the top kids in the country. Imran won six games and drew one game.


imran chess


For the second year in a row, a group of creative and innovative fifth graders from BASIS Independent Fremont (Sophia R., Minna K., Selena P., and Saniya P.) and Mission Valley Elementary School participated and won the second place award in the Destination Imagination category "Game On" in the Bay Area Regional Competition. Their team competed at the California State level on April 6, 2019, and advanced to the Global Finals of Destination Imagination held in Kansas City in May 2019.


Ruoqing W. and Arnav K., 7th grade, both qualified for Nationals in the History Bee and Science Bee for 2019.




This year’s Math Kangaroo rankings place several BASIS Independent Fremont students in the top 20! Kai L., 5th grade, achieved a 12th place national ranking, Ryan L., 6th grade, achieved a 17th place national ranking, and Keith L., 2nd grade, and Sarah W., 4th grade, achieved a 19th place national ranking.

In Math Kangaroo, Maya C., 4th grade, achieved an 8th place ranking nationwide and a 7th place ranking in the state of California. Maya's team in the Continental Mathematics League was ranked 1st Place in the Mathematics League Competition at the Euclidean Grade 4 level for the year. She also won the National Honor Roll medal at the Noetic Learning Math Contest 2018-2019. This medal is awarded to the top 10% of all participants nationwide.


June2019 006 (2)


In May 2019, Anoushka G., 3rd grade, attended the International Children & Nature Network Conference. It was her first time attending a conference, and she was the youngest child there. She will be contributing a blog to the event's organization website about her experience. During the event, she volunteered with event staff and at an interactive booth, where she helped visitors engage with the hands-on science exhibits. Anoushka has been invited to volunteer with leadership staff at next year’s International Leadership Summit. Her active and eager participation in this year’s conference has inspired the adult attendees to reconsider their approach to creating engaging spaces for children at this event.


aka cnn 2019 b

Anvith K., Arunay P., Karissa T., Rohan G., and Yagnik C., all 5th grade, competed in the Science Olympiad in April. Forty teams were competing at this event, and this team achieved 2nd place in the Pentathlon, Estimania, and Mission Possible categories, and a Most Innovative Design award in the Gravity category.




Adrian C., 2nd grade, won a 2nd place medal (twice!) in the US International Competition for a violin performance. He also won 2nd place in a Mathleague competition!




Aneeka S., Christopher C., and Nancy L. achieved 2nd place as a team during a MATHCOUNTS competition in February 2019!



Kai L., 5th grade, Theodore L., 6th grade, Ryan L., 6th grade, and Adrian C., 2nd grade won 1st place sweepstakes as a team in a Mathleague competition. In the Mathleague State Championship Competition, Kai ranked in the 9th place for the 5th grade category. Ryan was ranked 13th in the 6th grade category. Adrian, though in second grade, ranked 14th in the 3rd grade category. They have been invited to attend the National Championship Competition in June 2019.

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