Here’s to wrapping up the first week back after a well-deserved break. For some, this years’ Spring Break was filled by spending quality time at home with family. For others it was an opportunity for an adventure in far-off lands.

We sat down this week with students at lunch to talk to them about their breaks. Here is a snapshot of how some of our own spent their breaks*:

*One thing students surely did not do was homework. BASIS Independent Brooklyn employs a “no homework over breaks” policy, to the chagrin of some of our K-4 kids. Some parents shared that their children said they “wished” they had homework over break and were going to miss working on their bridge project in Engineering class, among other things.

1st Grade: Sophia, Sasha, and Adeline


“I went to Google to visit my dad. I also went with Jasmine whose dad works there, too. On the 11th floor there is a new cafeteria with frozen yogurt!”  Sophia

“I went to Tobago. I made friends and played with dogs.”  Sasha

“I went to my grandparents and I lost my tooth when I got home.” – Adeline

5th Grade: Logan, Sam, and Kai


“I stayed home and relaxed.” – Logan

“I went to Abu Dhabi. I went into the desert for a night, I stayed at a hotel for the rest of the time. I was doing a lot of cultural things. I enjoyed it. I never knew about Abu Dhabi before.” – Sam

 “I also stated home and just hung out.”  Kai

5th Grade: Sophia, Sofia, Isa, Genesis, Yasmin, Josie, and Morgan


‘“I went to a gymnastics competition.” – Sophia

“I went to a Broadway play and a bunch of museums.” – Genesis

“I was in Brazil visiting my family.” – Yasmin

6th Grade: Asha, Charlie, Nate, Tadan, Oliver, Webber, and Benjamin


“I went to Zambia, Johannesburg, and South Africa. I went to schools and we talked about gender issues. Then I went on some safaris.” – Webber

“I went to the Bahamas and went on waterslides and to the beach. Then I stayed home and relaxed!” – Ben

“I went to New Orleans. I did some tours around the city and I did some tours in the swamps.” – Oliver

“I relaxed and played some video games, I had a basketball tournament which was fun.” – Tadan

“I also went to New Orleans. I didn’t go with Oliver but we went at the same time. I went on tours and I went to a jazz club.” – Charlie

“I went to Stowe, Vermont to go snowboarding. I went with my family, it was really, really fun. It was really good”  Nate