When it comes to finding the very best educators, whose opinion is often left out? The students' opinion!

Not at BASIS Independent Schools. We employ a unique approach to teacher hiring that puts the student front and center. Final candidates are invited to teach a demo lesson in front of real-live students. Read more about the teacher selection process and what we are looking for in our educators.

You're invited to this year's first Teacher Demo Day!


On Saturday, April 18, we will need students in grades K-5 to be student evaluators of teaching candidates for the 2015-2016 school year. Priority for participants is given to currently enrolled students and those committed to the 2015-2016 school year. 

Students will need to arrive by 8:30 am and will be finished by noon.  If a student cannot stay for the entire time, that is okay, just let us know when they can be here and we will accomodate.

If your student(s) can help us out and participate in this unique experience, please RSVP to lyssa.millerlair@basisindependent.com with student name, grade, and the time he/she can be here. 

Thank you for lending your children for this very important role. We take their opinion seriously.

Photo Credit: Troy House