We have just one story this June coming to us from Vectors, but it is a story we're very excited about, and one that is sparking quite a conversation:

Where will your children be when the 'education bubble' bursts?

This week, BASIS.ed was featured in a Bloomberg View article written by Amity Shlaes titled "Bursting the Great American Bubble: High School." Likening perception and value of education to a commodity or stock bubble, Ms. Shlaes writes that BASIS.ed schools offer a "reality check" for American high schools, which are "not great.... [or] even good." The author points to assumptions about school and what school should be that we've "ruthlessly dumped...that the education establishment has considered un-dumpable."

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At BASIS Independent Schools, we strive to provide families, fellow educators, and anyone who is curious, with ample opportunities to learn more about who we are, why we do what we do, what it results in, and why it matters. 

We are, after all, a fairly unique family of schools. With different types of BASIS.ed-managed schools all around the country, you might not know where to "start" in your search for information. Though many of us are far away from one another, we are united by the common threads of an unparalleled curriculum in both breadth and depth, and a culture driven by our insatiable desire -  as students and educators - to constantly grow, improve, and be the best version of ourselves we can be. 

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