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May 6, 2022

Mothers Making a Difference Together

Going into Mother's Day weekend, we wanted to share an inspiring story of how one mother at our school named Britni Erez has made a huge difference by volunteering with an organization called The Hummingbird Effort Foundation. It provides humanitarian relief and housing to Ukrainian mothers and children now in Poland. How she came to get involved is what makes the story so compelling.

A few years ago Britni met Dorota Applebaum when their children were in another school together. This March, Britni reached out to Dorota, since she remembered her family lived near the Ukrainian boarder. Britni then found out Dorota had started an effort to house and care for the overwhelming number of refugees from Ukraine. That is when Britni jumped in to help.

Dorota Applebaum is a real estate investment banker and investor. The Hummingbird Effort Foundation, which she founded, is a nonprofit that has no operating expenses. Volunteers like our parent Britni donate their own time and resources and 100% of contributions go to helping Ukrainian families.





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