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December 1, 2017

Lenore Skenazy Encourages Parents to "Let Grow"

One of our BASIS Independent Brooklyn families worked diligently for months to secure a speaker for our BASIS Independent Thought Series, which explores many different views and perspectives across a spectrum of topics. As a school, we do not promote any single stance but encourage the conversation.

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February 13, 2017

Exploring the World of Games

Greg Trefry is a BASIS Independent Brooklyn parent who just happens to teach a graduate-level class at NYU called Designing Games for Kids. He brought his NYU graduate students into Ms. Connor's PreK classes this week to play board games. But, what happened inside the classroom was so much more interesting than simple game playing. 

Greg wanted his class to meet with some of our youngest students, including his son, to play board or physical games with them before his graduate students designed new games for the kids - based on their observations. A month later, the same graduate students will return to share their games with the children and gather feedback.  

DSC_0002-3.jpgWe took a moment to ask Greg some questions about the trip as well as more general questions on students and games that often pop up in conversations in our community.

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February 9, 2017

BASIS Independent Brooklyn Student Competing on MasterChef Junior!

It is no secret that our students are multifaceted. BASIS.ed students are Model U.N. winners, history bee competitors, inventors, entrepreneurs, Olympic Trial swimmers, chess champions, community activists, movie directors, and mathletes. 

A typical BASIS.ed student, fourth Grader Donovan M. has always been many things - a thoughtful friend, focused Donovan_Milstein_mc-s5_02-group02_0328_hires1 (002)-1.jpgstudent, and very talented chef. His friends, family and teachers have always known about Donovan's incredible love of cooking. Now the whole country will get the chance to see Donovan flex his culinary muscles as as he competes in MasterChef Junior Season 5 (FOX) starting Thursday, February 9, 2017.

We took a moment to ask Donovan and his dad Scott about the experience and Donovan's love of cooking.

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January 30, 2017

Why You Need to Know About the Red Hook Art Project

Modeling civic responsibility for our children is more important now than ever. Right here in Red Hook, there are many organizations making a significant difference in the lives of under-served families that could use help. One of these great non-profits is the Red Hook Art Project, and it is located just two blocks away from BASIS Independent Brooklyn in a simple townhouse on a residential street. You have probably passed it on your way to or from the school, but you may not be aware of the great work being done inside.

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October 17, 2016

Managing Expectations: Empowering Student Accountability

Notes from the BASIS.ed Braintrust

I am a recovering helicopter parent. I admit that the CJ, or Communication Journal, as a way of interfacing with the school takes a little getting used to, especially if you’re accustomed to online homework postings where your child’s whole education is at your fingertips. Those online systems make you feel in control. With a push or a prod, you can motivate your child into doing his homework so that he can boost his 88 average in English up to a 95. 

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March 19, 2015

Parent Perspectives: Viv, Mom to a Sixth Grader

What’s it like to be the parent of a child at BASIS Independent Brooklyn?

Our new content series, Parent Perspectives, answers precisely this question. We asked a few parents to share their thoughts on our program: What’s most surprising? What was the thought process in selecting BASIS Independent Brooklyn for their child?

Here is Viv's perspective, Mom to a 6th grade student.

Viv_3.18How did you learn about BASIS Independent Brooklyn? Tell us a little about your journey to becoming a BASIS Independent Family.

When first considering middle school for our kid, we had concerns about the local public options. Our biggest concern was that our child wouldn't be engaged. Class sizes are huge and the process of gaining entrance is insanely stressful and Darwinist, to say the least. With the system as it is in our district, kids have to apply and be interviewed just to get into public middle school -- sometimes thousands competing for a handful of seats at the age of ten! It's insane. We wanted to give our kid the best possible education, and felt he'd be happier in a school where he was more than a number to the people around him.

A friend told us about BASIS Indpendent coming to Brooklyn when she was considering the school for her son. One day shortly thereafter, I noticed BASIS Independent had set up a booth directly below our apartment during a street fair. It seemed like a sign! Within seconds of meeting Kathleen (Adams), our kids were happily engaged in an experiment, chatting away with her like they'd just made a great new friend. Soon we were too! Encouraged by this exchange, we looked into BASIS Independent more closely and decided to apply. 

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February 11, 2015

Parent Perspectives: Ben, Dad to Second Graders

What’s it like to be the parent of a child at BASIS Independent Brooklyn?

Our new content series, Parent Perspectives, answers precisely this question. We asked a few parents to share their thoughts on our program: what’s most surprising? what was the thought process was in selecting BASIS Independent Brooklyn for their child?

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