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May 15, 2020

Making Math and Engineering Engaging: Faculty Member Ms. De Leon

If you ask students at BASIS Independent Brooklyn what makes their school different, they will tell you “the teachers.” The foundation of our culture and the success of our students lie in the hands of our faculty. We look for inspiring, expert teachers who believe that with the right support and encouragement any student can excel. With that in mind, we kick off a blog series profiling faculty members who recently joined our school.DeLeon_Samantha

Today we feature Ms. De Leon, who leads students in Engineering and Math in both our Early Learning and Primary Program. Ms. De Leon is intrigued by the contexts under which the brain develops conceptual mathematical knowledge, and she finds it fascinating how every individual has creative and unique solutions for any given mathematical task. As a 4th grade Math and Early Learning Program Engineering Teacher, she set out this year to cultivate a growth mindset culture, so her students can achieve at their highest levels.

Ms. De Leon is excited to have found a community of like-minded educators at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. We asked her some questions to help families get to know her better as a teacher and a fellow parent at our school.

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November 16, 2016

Exploring the Spark in the Classroom: First Grade Looks Below the Surface of Pyramids!

Excited discussions of “false passages” and “queen’s chambers” echoed around the engineering classroom last week as first grade students began to build interiors of their Egyptian pyramids. Under the guidance of engineering subject expert Ms. Hagan, students began to create their own interiors after learning for weeks about ancient Egyptian history and the unique structures intricately linked to that civilization. Ms. Hagan had worked closely with the first grade learning environment teachers, particularly Ms. Gifford, and humanities instructor Ms. Lavely to develop the student project.

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