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April 8, 2016

A Peek Inside The Early Learning Program at BASIS International School Shenzhen

As the inaugural year of our Early Learning Program approaches, we're finding ourselves eager with anticipation watching the crucial elements of our program come together. We're searching high and low for outstanding educators, planning our classrooms, and rounding out enrollment of our cohesive class of Early Learning Program pioneers.

Ethel.pngIn the hustle and bustle of preparing for our first year, it is easy to forget that across the world, our sister school BASIS International School Shenzhen is close to wrapping up their inaugural year as a school. We recently connected with some of their teachers and are excited to share with you a peek inside the Early Learning Program classrooms of BASIS International School Shenzhen. Meet Ms. Huerta:

My name is Ethel Huerta. I am a Pre-K 1 teacher at BASIS International School Shenzhen. I have compiled a collection of stories, examples, and pictures from my classroom to help depict a day in the life of a Pre-K 1 student at BASIS International School Shenzhen.

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