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October 16, 2015

School Culture and School Design: 556 Columbia St. Brooklyn

There are so many things to celebrate this school year – our second year as a school in New York City, the growth of our student community, our very first 9th grade class. At the top of this list, we are celebrating our first year in our new schoolhouse, a space purpose-built for our use as not just any school, but a BASIS Independent school. We’ve been getting a lot of questions on choices that were made with the design and facility, and many of our decisions go beyond being purely functional. Our building speaks to the culture of our program and the type of learning community we are growing here in Brooklyn. Here’s Vice Chairman Mark Reford’s take on our space:

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February 27, 2015

Photographer Troy House reflects on capturing BASIS Independent Brooklyn in action

A few weeks ago, we had photographer Troy House come in to take pictures of our students in our current school location (15 Snyder Ave) as well as photo-document the progress of our permanent school house, the 100,000 square foot new construction at 556 Columbia in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We sat down to talk to Troy about his experience, which he shares with us below.

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