We believe celebrating student accomplishments is important for not only recognizing excellence but also inspiring our students across the grades. Please join us in congratulations our Bears for a number of recent developments:

  • Debate Team Accolades at the New York City and State Championships
  • The Grizzly Columbia Scholastic Press Honors
  • NOAA Recognition for COVID-19 Research by Luc M. '22

Debate TeamNew york city urban debate league

Debate Team Coach Brown was thrilled to announce Junior Peter Mugaba-N. won overall City Champion in the New York City Urban Debate Team City Championships. Our own Isaac W. '24 was the runner-up!

In the recent State Competition, our Bears made us proud. Coach Brown shared:

  • Varsity Public Forum: Peter Mugaba N. earned 2nd Place Speaker, and Isaac W. placed 14th.
  • JV Public Forum: Maren W. '23 earned 2nd Place Speaker while Riana S. '23 placed 3rd and Daniela S. '22 placed 9th.
  • Debate 12.2019 croppedThree teams advanced to the elimination rounds with Maren W. '23 and Daniela S. '22 placing 4th in JV Public Forum Semifinals. Szymon S. '22 and Hudson H. '22 placed 6th in Varsity Quarterfinals. Riana S. '23 and Stanislaw W. '22 placed 7th. in JV Public Forum Quarterfinals.

The Grizzly Student News Site Awarded CSPA Silver MedalThe Grizzly 4.9


2020 was the inaugural year for our student-run news site The Grizzly. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association recently awarded The Grizzly a Silver Medal for the first year of coverage, praising the construction of the site and coverage based on an extensive rubric established for digital sites.


Co-Editors-in-Chief Sidharth R. and Hudson H. and their team of editors and reporters have reworked the news site and developed a more mature reporting style this year. We invite you to take a moment to read through the articles published at thegrizzlynews.org.



Junior Luc M. Recognized for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ResearchNOAA

Luc M. '22 was recently recognized by NOAA for his research titled ‘COVID-19 Analysis using Satellite Remote Sensing Environmental Data’ conducted under the guidance of NOAA CESSRST mentors. He first presented his results at the 7th Annual Student Research Colloquium. 

Luc studied three areas in his research project with NOAA: why some cities handled the coronavirus outbreak better than others; COVID-19’s impact on air quality; and if the daily surface temperature, as well as relative humidity, had an impact on COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths or were there other predominant factors influencing the impact of COVID-19. Luc collected air quality, relative humidity, and daily surface temperature data from NOAA and other COVID-19 data sources. He concluded that there was no clear correlation between temperature or humidity and the COVID-19 cases and deaths. He also found that the cities that tried to rush re-opening while their daily infection rates were not significantly lower than their peaks experienced infection spikes during reopening.

Observing Luc’s dedication towards his research, Mentor Mohamed Layachi said in a NOAA press release, “Luc perfectly embodies the demeanor and drive of a big thinker. He consistently strived to ask challenging and defining questions. He is on the trajectory path to contribute greatly to the field he dedicates his passion and efforts towards.”

Congratulations to all our BEARS! We knew you are all going to contribute greatly to your many diverse fields of study in this world. We look forward to sharing more about your interests and projects both in and outside of the classroom.

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