In anticipation of a special lecture on the BASIS Independent College Counseling and Senior Research Project Programs, this new three-part series offers a closer look at one of the hallmarks of a BASIS Independent education: The Senior Research Project.

In Part 1 of the series, we took a look at the purpose of the Senior Research Project. We discussed how they work and why they’re a valuable experience for BASIS Independent Seniors. Part 2 is all about the projects themselves.

Part 2: What are some examples of the Senior Research Project (SRP)?

Senior Research Projects are all about exploring passions.

As long as the topic they choose is educational, the seniors have free reign to design a project of their choosing. For some students, the Senior Research Project solidifies what it is they would like to further pursue in their academic and professional endeavors, and for others, it is simply an opportunity to dig deeper on a topic that piqued their interest in class.  

Project Highlights

Topics students choose range from studying robotic surgery for bladder cancer treatment to studying the process of learning to play a musical instrument and everywhere in between. Here are some select projects from the Class(es) of 2015:

BASIS Tucson North
Parthib Samadder – Yale Class of 2019 (early action)
Project Title: Origami in Engineering
“ During the college application process, I realized that although I was thinking about pursing an electrical engineering major, I had little experience with the field. As a result, I decided that my SRP would be a great time to explore the field.”
Objective: “Currently, the end goal of my project is to create a device that takes advantage of origami in order to have a compact form and a decompressed form.”
Internship: Dr. Melde – University of Arizona Electrical & Computer Engineering

Read Parthib’s blog here.

BASIS Chandler
Soraya Simi
Project Title: The Art of Storytelling
“…my school BASIS has a uniquely structured design that allows its seniors to finish their credits necessary to graduate early, so that they can do something called a Senior Research Project. This is great because it provides us with an opportunity to recuperate from the Senioritis plague and to spend time doing something we’re passionate about. For me, that’s filmmaking.”
Objective: How to make a low budget film, show why our second impressions are the most important.
Internship: Misty Production Services

Read Soraya’s blog here.

The SRP Blogs

The Senior Research Project blogs are a point of pride for each student and for the entire BASIS community. The below sites link to the blogs kept by the Seniors at their respective BASIS schools:

BASIS Oro Valley
BASIS Scottsdale
BASIS Tucson North
BASIS Flagstaff
BASIS Chandler
BASIS Peoria

Don’t forget to check out our Senior Research Project video!




In Part 3 of the series, we’ll get Sandy Kenny, Director of Corporate Partnership’s perspective on the Senior Research Project.

Curious to learn more? Join BASIS Independent Brooklyn for a special presentation on Senior Research Projects and college counseling on February 26th at 6:00 PM.