At BASIS Independent Brooklyn, we prioritize cheering on our student accomplishments across many areasfrom fine arts to community service, debate competitions, sports, and beyond. However, academic accomplishment remains a shared priority within our community. Today we can proudly share that based on the 2022 AP scores more than 60% of our high school students qualified as Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars during their time in our program. Students move from AP Scholar to AP Scholar with Honor and then AP Scholar with Distinction. Approximately 40% of our students reach that highest level of AP Scholar with Distinction by the time they graduate.

“Academically our students continue to knock it out of the park," said Josh Harmon, Head of School for BASIS Independent Brooklyn's Upper School. "By 2022, more than 66% of our entire high school was awarded the honor of AP Scholar or higher. Moreover, our students sat for more AP exams in 2022 than ever before with the growth of our high school."

AP Scholar awards recognize students who have demonstrated both a depth and breadth of knowledge and whose work has shown college-level mastery across multiple disciplines. The College Board awards the following distinctions for AP exams, and we have students who have achieved all levels.

  • AP Scholar with Distinction: students who received a score of 3 or higher on at least 5 exams, and an average score of 3.5 across all exams taken.
  • AP Scholar with Honors: students who received a score of 3 or higher on 4 or more exams, and have an average score of at least 3.25 across all exams taken.
  • AP Scholar: students who received a score of 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams.

Nationwide, only about 10% of students earn the distinction of AP Scholar or higher by the time they graduate (based on historic data provided by the College Board). We are thrilled to share some of the top accomplishments here:

  • 78 of our high school students were named AP Scholar or higher distinctions, representing over 66% of our high school. 
  • Our Class of 2022 was the first to take AP Seminar and AP Research classes, and all five students opting for this path graduated with AP Capstone Diplomas.

The College Board AP Capstone Diploma is awarded to students who take both AP Seminar and AP Research classes. At the end of the sequence, students present their original AP research in a presentation. Topics this past year ranged from an analysis of the response to political violence in college-aged students in two U.S. cities to an exploration of the gentrification of Greenpoint, Brooklyn in ethnic enclaves.

Congratulations to all our students who have earned an AP Scholar Award for their performance on the exams during their High School tenure. See full lists of student recipients updated to include the 2022 results below:

AP Scholar: Students who received a score of 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams.apscholars

  • Ian B. '22
  • Sophia B. '22
  • Eric C. '22
  • Alexander D. '23
  • Luke D. '23
  • Eden E. '24
  • Charlotte J. '24
  • Edward K. '22
  • Alexa L. '24
  • Avi L. '24
  • Noah L. '23
  • Ben N. '24
  • Tom S. '25
  • Elizabeth S. '22
  • Felix S. '25
  • Ryan T. '25
  • Lyra Y.-M. '24

AP Scholar with Honor: Students who received a score of 3 or higher on 4 or more exams, and have an average score of at least 3.25 across all exams taken. Nationwide, only about 6% of students will graduate high school with this degree of recognition or higher. Nearly all of these honorees have done so well before graduation.

  • Daniella S.-B. '23
  • Zeke B. '24
  • Mabel C. '23
  • Sophia G. '24
  • Diego G. '24
  • Laila G. '24
  • Miles H. '23
  • Maxwell H. '25
  • Katreen L. '23
  • Matthew R. '23
  • Maxim S. '25
  • Mattias S. '24
  • Isaac W. '24  

AP Scholar with Distinction: Students who have a score of 3 or higher on at least 5 exams, and an average score of 3.5 across all exams taken. These students have already completed at least a semester’s worth of college credit while still in high school. Only about 4% of graduating seniors receive this award, and less than 1/10th of 1% of students receive it after sophomore year. In our high school, the following 43 students received this honor:

  • Amber A. '22
  • Hong-Yuan B. '24
  • Yasmin B. '22
  • Krishan B. '24
  • Isabella B. '23
  • Jack B. '24
  • Katie B. '23
  • Sofia C. '22
  • Syun D. '24
  • Danny D. '22
  • Zach D. '23
  • Elias D. '22
  • Ezra G. '22
  • Luka G. '22
  • Samantha G. '24
  • Alan G. '22
  • Angelina G. '24
  • Courtney H. '22
  • Oliver K. '22
  • Ye L. '24
  • Shamei L. '23
  • Luc M. '22
  • Dilan M. '24
  • Charles P. '24
  • Daniel P. '24
  • Sidharth R. '24
  • Gail R., '22
  • Alex R. '24
  • Colton R. '24
  • Daniela S. '22
  • Yuna S. '24
  • Nate S. '22
  • Jonah S. '24
  • Lucas S. '24
  • Morgan S. '23
  • Luca S. '22
  • Zeyna T. '24 
  • Mia T. '24
  • Clara V. '22
  • Stanislaw W. '22
  • Maren W. '23
  • Yanyu Z. '22
  • Andrej Z. '24

AP Capstone Diploma: Five of our high school students opted to take both the AP Seminar and AP Research Courses. All five were subsequently awarded the AP Capstone Diploma based on their assessments, including:

  • Eric C. '22
  • Alan G. '22
  • Hudson H. '22
  • Oliver K. '22
  • Stanislaw W. '22

While the College Board phased out the National AP Scholar award starting in 2021 six members of our Class 2022 who sat for the exams during high school received the honor of National AP Scholar in 2020 including:

  • Soren D. '22
  • Katie H. '22
  • Hudson H. '22
  • Murphy K. '22 
  • Szymon S. '22

Please join us in congratulating all of our BEARS!!!

All comparisons are based on publicly available data from the College Board, National Center for Education Statistics, and National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

September 16, 2022