In keeping with our commitment to fostering critical thinking skills, BASIS.ed incorporates interdisciplinary coursework throughout our program. We believe that teaching students to make connections across disciplines, to ask questions and seek solutions and answers across traditional disciplinary boundaries, produces creative and independent thinkers and prepares our students for life and work in the 21st century.

1608_003_SeniorProjectSaturday_Sammy_Kanungo.jpgWhile all BASIS.ed coursework includes some level of instruction in interdisciplinary thinking, the Senior Project is perhaps the most salient example of these skills at work. 

Each year, the BASIS.ed community has the pleasure of celebrating the accomplishments of our entire network of students, participating each year in the presentations of their findings. The richness of the accomplishments of the students knows no limit; we'll share with you each week the abstracts and videos for you to get to know some of our students. Meet Sammy Kanungo from BASIS Peoria and keep reading for his presentation abstract.


Sammy Kanungo, BASIS Peoria

Faculty Advisor: Charlotte Hagerman
External Advisors: Sanjay Kanungo
Location: CareArbo 


This project aims to understand the very pressing issue of elderly care from two different points of view: the first being a medical and sociological point of view, and the second being that of a startup business attempting to address that issue. As the baby boomer generation begins to enter retirement in the United States, the need for convenient and cost-effective care for the elderly arises in a dramatic fashion. However, it is not just the United States facing this problem; India's population, due to declining fertility rates and higher life expectancy, will be comprised of nearly 20% (323 million people) elderly by 2050. Currently, obtaining qualified care for elderly loved ones can reach costs of over $80,000 per year, an
unsustainable and unobtainable rate for many. In order to find out how one might go about finding a  solution to this problem, I followed a startup company in its developing stages to observe the necessary steps and research needed, which included a vast amount of targeted market research and surveying of public opinion. Research such as this remains vital to obtaining success in the entrepreneurial world and allows for the creation of solutions to problems that people may not yet realize are present but will soon become apparent.

For more, read Sammy Kanungo's blog documenting his experience during his Senior Project.

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