On April 25th and 26th, we hosted the families of our currently enrolled students at the very first Hard Hat Tours of our new construction at 556 Columbia St.

Beginning in the entryway, we showed off progress on our beautiful, Greek-style theatre as well as the community space we have designated for parents and guardians looking to connect with each other.

Moving through the cafeteria, we walked out to one of our two outdoor play spaces, and up one of the three staircases in the building.


On the second floor, we stopped to have a look at one of our primary classrooms. In many rooms, the windows are in unexpected places – some are up high, some are in the middle of the wall, and some are at eye level with our tiniest students.


Walking through the forth floor, we stopped to have a look at a typical middle school classroom.


Up on the fifth floor, which is comprised mostly of science labs, we were able to easily imagine how excited our students are going to be when they see their new lab equipment.


The end of the tour led us to the high school lounge, housed in a glass atrium at the front of our building. The lounge features panoramic views of the New York Harbor – including the Statue of Liberty. Just off the room is the college counseling space, where seniors will take their daily college counseling class.


To check out the rest of the photos from the tours, head over to our Facebook page.

We are planning future tours to be held towards the end of May/early June.  All families who’ve committed to join us for the 2015-2016 school year will be invited. Keep an eye out for more information.