Ms. Golka is the Dean of Students for the Primary School Program (grades 1–4) at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in theater performance from Winthrop University where she was a part of the theater honor society Alpha Psi Omega. After starting out in the book industry and then shadowing with a school in Brooklyn, she discovered her passion for teaching. She started her Masters of Early Education (Birth–2nd Grade) degree at Hunter College at CUNY.

Ms. Golka started as a grade 2 Learning Expert Teacher (LET) at BASIS Independent Brooklyn, and she is very excited about moving onto the Student Affairs team. She believes it is very important to not only help students grow academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

Ms. Golka feels strongly that BASIS Independent Brooklyn shares the same values for education and teaching as she does, especially the belief that every student is important and has potential to excel. She enjoys reading, doing improv, and traveling with family and friends.

We asked Ms. Golka to share with families more information about herself and Golka_Darcy_0016her new role at BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

Can you help us understand a bit more about the role the Dean of Students plays in supporting students and faculty in the Primary Program?

We work very closely together to help meet the overall needs of our Primary Program. It’s a very symbiotic partnership which ensures that students in grades 1–4 receive the necessary educational foundations to make them successful BASIS Independent Brooklyn students for years to come.

How do the Dean and Director work together?

The Dean Of Students for the Primary Program ultimately is the highest level of support for the students. I work closely with the faculty to make sure every child has the academic, emotional, and social support they need to be successful at BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

What insights have been helpful to date from your LET years to bring to your role as Dean of Students for the Primary Program?

Understanding the role of the LET has been a huge help in transitioning into this position because I am able to acknowledge the perspective of the teachers, thus helping support the students in a more productive way.

What goals do you have this year that you want to share with families?

Some concepts that I find really important for primary are developing social-emotional skills and growth mindset. This year, I will be assisting the LETs with the social-emotional curriculum, as well as encouraging conversations with students that I will work with about growth mindset.

Are you getting used to students calling you Dean Golka yet?

I am! It makes me laugh when I have students who I have known for years in the hallway ask if I am the Dean now.

Someone mentioned you have a musical theater background. 

I do! I acted in musical theater and theater my whole life! I love to sing and I love to perform. I made an appearance in our school's "Peter and the Star Catcher" last year as a mermaid. It’s always so much fun to get on stage.


Thank you, Dean Golka, for all you do supporting our students and faculty each day. We are excited for the year ahead in the Primary Program!