Mr. Harmon is the Dean of Students for the Middle School Program (grades 5–8) at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. Joining our school first as an English and Latin Subject Expert Teacher, Mr. Harmon was excited by the vision, rigor, and breadth of the BASIS Independent Brooklyn educational experience. Now in a Student Affairs role, he enjoys working with students as a part of the school leadership team.

Mr. Harmon received his Bachelor of Arts degree from The Ohio State University with a major in Greek and Latin and a minor in English. He began his teaching career in central Ohio where he taught English and coached basketball. He then took his teaching career abroad to a private school in Istanbul, Turkey, where for four years he taught English Language Arts, helped to develop an AP English program, and began to develop an AP Latin program. 

Upon returning stateside, Mr. Harmon starting teaching at BASIS Phoenix in Arizona, where he appreciated the curriculum and vision of excellence. He transferred to the Brooklyn campus in 2016 to teach and then moved into the role of Dean in the summer of 2018.

“The Dean role is for me a distillation of the coaching and teaching skills I’ve developed over the course of my career, and I’m excited to complement our admin team," says Mr. Harmon in regard to his current position. 

We asked Mr. Harmon to share with families more information about himself HarmonJoshand role at BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

You spent two years teaching here at BASIS Independent Brooklyn before moving into the Dean role. How has your perspective changed?
The transition to the Dean role has strengthened my admiration for our school.  I’m so grateful to work with such exemplary teachers and talented kids! 

What do you spend most of your time doing as the Dean of the Middle School?
Most of my days as the Dean are spent listening to students, encouraging them to advocate for themselves, and helping them take command of their learning.

Can you give us a sense of when parents or students reach out to you?Parents tend to reach out to ask how they can help their child improve their work in a given subject. Likewise, students tend to reach out for direction in achieving their academic goals. 

You now have a little kiddo at home. Do we have a future little BEARJosh-1 headed our way?
Yes, Elliott is a future BEAR. It really struck me after bringing him to a social event at the school. I already know how great it is to work here, but I saw everything in a new light watching my child running around campus, thinking ahead to him learning from my colleagues. I need to find a way to share that with our great teachers. It is a different perspective and very meaningful to me.


While teaching is his passion, Mr. Harmon also enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, biking, and sitting around with his cats.

Thank you, Dean Harmon, for all you do supporting our students and faculty each day. Our Middle School community is so lucky to have you!