Today marks the first day of an important week in the life of a BASIS Independent Brooklyn Middle School Student. It's pre-comp time!

The first time a BASIS Independent student takes a precomp can be, well, scary (to all the parents reading, we promise they will get used to it!). Pre-comprehensive exams (pre-comps), taken by 6th grade and above, are cumulative exams that cover what the students have learned up until the mid year point of the school year.

Showing Support, BASIS Independent Brooklyn Style


It is a BASIS tradition to give students encouragement "goody-bags" on the school day before their first exam. Usually these goody-bags contain healthy snacks for energy, a little sweet pick-me-up, pens, pencils, and a stressball.

We decided to take it a step further at BASIS Independent Brooklyn and enlist the cheery support of our primary school students to 'adopt' a middle schooler and write them a heartfelt note of encouragement.

The Delivery

Each student in 6th grade and above received a note written by 1-2 students in grades K-4. The students were given minimal guidelines - only to write from their hearts

What words would make you feel encouraged at a time when you really needed a little support?

Making the rounds right after lunch, students were given a pep talk from our Head of School, Mrs. Thompson, and then to their surprise and delight, given their treats. 


The true delight came, however, in how appreciative they were of their younger peers' actions, so much so that they shared with each other which buses they recognized the younger students from so they could be sure to thank them. 

The Take-Away

Sometimes it's the little gestures that become the most important when building a school culture and community. 

In the words of a particularly zealous group of 2nd graders, "you can do it! go! go! go!"  We also know your faces will be as joyful as these 6th graders' faces come Friday: 


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