We received an overwhelming response when we recently announced our High School Merit Scholarship program! We're excited to move through this process with you. Part 1 of our Merit Scholarship blog series focused on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW of this exciting opportunity, and now we're pleased to bring you Part 2 which highlights the exam itself and what students can expect on Febraury 20.

The High School Merit Scholarship Exam involves the following categories: Writing, Math & Science. Take a look at the outline below for more details on each section:Writing

Time Alloted: 60 minutes

Task: Essay

Explanation: For the written component of the Merit Scholarship exam, students will be given a variety of sources to synthesize and create an editorial opinion. Students must have a clear thesis, meaning they must take a stance and have an arguable point. Students must use formal language - no contradictions, no colloquialisms, and no first/second person. Students are required to utilize at least 3 of the 5 sources provided. 

Combined Math/Science

Time Alloted: 60 minutes

Task: Multiple choice and short answer

Explanation: The science and math portions of the merit scholarship exam will be integrated. Questions will test students’ ability to apply basic mathematical and scientific concepts in described situations, to interpret data, and to judge the validity of conclusions. Rote memorization and regurgitation of facts will not earn a high score on this exam, rather, the ability to think critically using a basic knowledge of mathematics and science is what this test will assess. 

If you are a currently enrolled family and are interested in having your child take the Merit Scholarship Exam, RSVP to Brooklyn-Admissions@BASISindependent.com. If you've already applied, to confirm your child is attending the February 20 testing date please write to Brooklyn-Admissions@BASISindependent.com