We are looking for outstanding incoming 9th and 10th grade students to join our trailblazing students as some of the first graduates from BASIS Independent Brooklyn and we are pleased to invite all incoming high school students (including 8th/9th graders already enrolled at BASIS Independent Brooklyn) to apply for BASIS Independent Brooklyn's High School Merit Scholarship program!

The Liberal Arts, STEM-focused academic program of study at BASIS Independent Brooklyn is recognized as one of the most advanced high school programs in the world. BASIS.ed graduates are routinely accepted to top universities around the world, from Harvard and Stanford to the University of Oxford. BASIS.ed graduates are distinguished individuals who will have gone through a world-class college preparatory course of study including a plethora of AP course options, electives, and in-depth college counseling experience which prepares them to excel in college and beyond.

Here is what you need to know about the scholarship program:

We will award a select number of scholarships based on academic merit to a highly-selective group of students entering our 9th or 10th grade.  Applicants can select to be considered for the merit scholarship on our online application. Qualification for the scholarship is determined by the student’s entrance exam score, academic record, and demonstration of leadership. The merit scholarship awards are competitive, and we regret that we are not able to offer them to all who qualify for consideration.

Currently enrolled families should email Brooklyn-Admissions@BASISindependent.com if they are interested in being considered. 

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