summer.jpgThe recent release of the summer program offerings has a lot of folks excited! From Traditional Day Camp to Astronomy to The History of Medicine (and everything in between!) our summer program has something for everyone. We've compiled answers to the top 5 questions that we're hearing, but if you have questions of your own, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or leave them in the comments section below!

1.  Is the summer program transportation system identical to the regular school year system?
BASIS Independent Summer will offer a robust transportation system that will service many of the most popular neighborhoods in northern and central Brooklyn, and lower Manhattan that are currently served during our regular school year. While we can’t guarantee a specific route or stop at the moment, we will release our detailed transportation plan with pricing in April.

2.  Do I have sign up for programming for the entire summer?
NO: You can choose any individual week or weeks for all of our programs, along with signing up for the entire summer season. Check our summer program brochure for individual program scheduling. You can also take several different summer camps or courses as long as their schedule does not conflict. Check the summer program brochure for complete schedules.

3.  Do you have to be a BASIS Independent student to sign up?
NO: Our program is open to BASIS Independent and non-BASIS Independent students. The summer program is a great way for current BASIS Independent families to continue their experience during the summer. Moreover, the summer program gives non-BASIS Independent families a chance to get to know our world class educators and stellar new campus for the first time, whether they'll eventually consider applying to our program or not.

4.  Do I have to pay the entire program fee upon registration?
NO: You can choose to pay the entire tuition amount during your initial registration or you can put down a deposit ($100/week for the length of the program) for each program you register for. The remaining balance will be due on May 15th.

5.  Who teaches your summer program?
Our summer program is led by a team of BASIS.ed trained expert educators and staff, many of whom are full time teachers at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. Every teacher is a subject expert in their particular summer course or camp.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, or check out our summer website

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Register before March 15 for a special discount. Use code BKEARLY. Referral program is available for families who refer non-currently enrolled summer program families. Use code BKREF.