BASIS Independent Brooklyn launched a new program this year for nurturing student leadership on campus - a Leadership Club run by a faculty adviser very respected and popular among our Upper School students. The drive was to empower students who wish to help shape programming at the school and make a difference in our greater community. Students could apply and be considered for the club based on scholarship and character. Club members brought ideas to the table, collaborated on teams, and rallied their peers to get programs or events off the ground in conjunction with their faculty adviser.

We wanted to familiarize families with the great work done this year by our High School Leadership Club in conjunction with Ms. Das. This year was the inaugural year for them, and there was no shortage of programs and events they organized and ran. From Adopt-a-Teacher programming where students help pack up classrooms to social events like the recent High School Lock In event and even the National School Walkout, our Leadership Club has had a very busy year. We encourage new high school students to consider joining. 

Ms. Das shared with us some background on how her Leadership Team isDas_Mrunali_0077 evolving here on campus.

Q1: Is Leadership Club the BASIS Independent Brooklyn version of student government? How is it similar or different?

Leadership Club is more interactive and collaborative than a student government, though many of the tasks are the same. Like a student government, the purpose of Leadership is to work to better the school community, but the students can go about this in various ways. They have a choice of focusing on spirit initiatives, planning school events, representing BASIS Independent Brooklyn for admissions events, or helping teachers and staff.

Q2: How often do you meet and do students really have a say?

Leadership meets as necessary, though there is frequent communication. My personal role is serving as a liaison, communicating student ideas and suggestions to staff as well as staff needs and considerations to students. We have thus been able to implement student-led projects and ideas.

Q3: What is your favorite part of being involved in Leadership Club?ice skating

I love teaching because it is an opportunity to help create a better future. Leadership allows me to support wonderful student leaders in various initiatives to improve the experience for students and staff. Leadership is a way of doing something and truly being the change one wishes to see.

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Q4: Any ideas for next year?

Of course! Student leaders have already gone through the Social Calendar and come up with ideas for events, activities, and initiatives. The high school students would like to better support younger students possibly through a mentorship program or providing advice during a Pre-Comp Prep workshop. We are so excited to have a Junior/Senior prom. We are also very much looking forward to our first graduating class and senior-specific events!


Students interested in Leadership Club can reach out to Ms. Das. There will be a sign up this fall as part of the auxiliary program. The 2018-2019 social calendar for BASIS Independent Brooklyn details some of the Upper School events that Leadership will drive.