We did a double take today walking past an 8th grade physics class. Why is everyone wearing a black and red Brooklyn snow hat? find out why after the jump...


Turns out it was a parting gift at last night's High School Planning Night. Says Head of School Ms. Ruggles, "the theme of the night was opportunity. Whether it comes in the form of leadership in the school, a certain career path, or figuring out the perfect college match, we're focusing this month on educating and exciting our middle school students about the opportunities afforded by our high school program."

BASIS Independent Brooklyn is unique in the sense that our oldest students are, in fact, trailblazing as they form our first few graduating classes, but they are supported by the legacy of those BASIS.ed students who have come before them. 

We shared lots of success stories in hopes of inspiring our students to find their passions. Many BASIS.ed students find passion and opportunity through their Senior Projects. Last year we published a few articles explaining our Senior Projects and why they are truly the hallmark of the educational experience in our program. Have a look here. Check out highlights of the BASIS.ed class of 2014 Senior Projects in this video below (we know it is long, but it is worth it!):