Competitive athletics and sports can play a key role in the development of students. Our sports program aims to create a strong culture that brings our BASIS Independent Brooklyn community together regularly to cheer on our BEARS. 

"My goal is to enrich our school culture with a healthy dose of competition,"soccer team-1 said Mr. McCollum, Physical Education Faculty member. "I want to show our students they can be scholars and athletes. In addition, I intend for our program to build a stronger sense of school spirit and sporting culture. It is my desire to see a thriving and competitive student body that continues to pursue excellence through both academics and sport."

The academic program at BASIS Independent Brooklyn is know for its rigor, so Mr. McCollum wanted to address how competitive sports and scholarship can complement each other.

"Sport and exercise are not only beneficial for the body, but they can also reduce a ton of pressure and stress for our students," said Mr. McCollum. "There are also a heap of added benefits for the developing mind, and the skill sets acquired through sport can equally be transferred to academics. I Volleyball semifinalnot only expect our sports program to provide our students with an outlet for release, but also offer them a way to build friendships and learn the true merits of focus, desire, and accountability. The addition of sports to their daily lives will also help to provide them with valuable practice in time management and goal-setting, successfully preparing them for the rigorous demands of college." 

CSAA competitive sports for the 2019 fall semester:

  • Boys HS Soccer (Gr. 9–12)soccer 3
  • Girls HS Soccer (Gr. 9–12)
  • Girls HS Volleyball (Gr. 9–12)
  • Girls JHS Volleyball (Gr. 7–8)

CONSAT league sports for the 2019 fall semester:

  • Coed Indoor Soccer (Gr. 4–5)
  • Coed Indoor Soccer (Gr. 6–8)

Non-league competitive sports:Squash 1 2019 square

  • Coed Tennis (Gr. 6–12) 
  • Coed Swimming (Gr. 6–12) 
  • Coed Squash (Gr. 5–12) 
  • Coed Cross Country/Running Club (Gr. 6–12) 

Fall Catalog, Auxiliary Fair & ACTIVE Registration Open:
The fall catalog is now available on ParentSquare. Our Auxiliary Fair for Grade 5+ is Thursday, September 12 from 5:00 to 6:00 PM (prior to Meet the Teacher night). Registration for fall clubs and sports will open at 8:00 AM on Saturday, September 14.