So often we are asked the question how BASIS.ed schools, operators of 18 schools, come to be ranked so highly (most recently #1, #2, and #6 in the Washington Post Rankings) and how we are able to offer a rigorous course of study where students work hard and leave school happy. 

Of course our STEM-focused Liberal Arts Curriculum, via which students take Mandarin daily starting in Kindergarten, a course of study rich and deep in the fine, performing, and visual arts, disciplinary sciences beginning in 6th grade, economics in 8th grade, and so on, is inextricably linked to our reputation of success. 

However, when it comes down to it, our program would not be possible without our teachers.

We owe everything to the expert educators that create magic in the classrooms and who succeed in what it is we task them to do - "make students want more."

Why is teaching at BASIS Independent different?

We hire Subject Expert Teachers (SETs) and place a high value on advanced degrees in the disciplines. In our K-4 classrooms, we have SETs as well as Learning Expert Teachers (LETs) whose focus is on shepherding the learning environment.

The last round of interviews is a teaching demo with our actual students. From the very moment teachers set foot in our school, it is clear that the emphasis is on students and the classroom environment. 

Teachers have a network of support ensuring they have the tools they need for success. Starting with regular observation and trouble shooting with direct school staff and laddering up to support from the BASIS.ed network on best practices, lesson creation and development, the lines of communication are always open. If teachers need time to plan or a space to work by themselves or with colleagues, our building has individual offices, fostering professionalism and a sense of respect for the teaching discipline.

Why are BASIS Independent teachers different?

During an information session, one of our current teachers, Mike Mandeville, so perfectly captured the essence of a BASIS Independent teacher. "Everyone has that one teacher who left a lasting impact, who made you love science or love French," he said. "Usually it is just that, the one teacher, or the handful who changed your life as a student. At BASIS, we're all that one teacher, striving to foster the most academically rich and engaging experience for our students possible."

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