In the first part of our Early Learning Program blog series, we explored some of parents' most frequently asked questions. In this second installment of the series, we share photos from our visit to the PreK room as some of our students helped illustrate examples of our Early Learning Program. Many thanks to our obliging helpers!

Early Learning: Discovery & Foundation

Though we offer a program designed to ensure students reach developmentally appropriate milestones in preparation for Kindergarten, our daily focus on social and emotional development is present in all aspects of our curriculum. We like to start the day off positively by greeting each other and singing welcome songs to help one another feel ready for a great day.

Building community and teaching kindness in preschool

We study identity, empathy, and building kindness by sharing about ourselves through discussion, making a collage of items that represent us, our interests, and family, learning about our emotions, expressing ourselves, and listening to others express themselves. We learn what it means to share and help others, whether in the classroom or outside at daily recess.

Preschoolers are careful observers of their environment. Students report and discuss the weather daily, calling on our senses to think about changing seasons.


Some examples of how preschoolers explore their environment are tracking weather through the month and creating meteorologist reports for a class book about the weather, studying different types of trees and the changes they undergo throughout the seasons, bringing in leaves from the community, making leaf rubbings, and creating a class leaf report book, as well as studying architecture and design through the lens of our own schoolhouse and buildings around New York City, including building a structure out of natural materials,

With daily Math Discovery, Language and Literacy, and World Discovery, we are dedicated to helping students reach the milestones they need for successful transition into an accelerated Kindergarten program.

Together we become story sleuths, studying story elements such as character and plot, zoologists observing different animals and organisms in their natural habitats, and scientists observing the physics of marbles rolling down a ramp and whether boats made of different materials sink or float at our water table. Typical centers in Language and Literacy include tracing letters in sand, making sight words out of play dough, and word games with teachers and each other. In Math Discovery, we make patterns with geoshapes, count manipulatives, and practice writing and counting.


An important part of our Discovery Blocks of Learning is a daily specialist-led class in Mandarin, Music, Drama, Movement, or STEM Discovery which offers preschoolers exposure to new, engaging subject material to further develop literacy, numeracy, language mastery, and understanding of the world around them. 

In these specialist-led classes, students explore instruments, put on small performances, learn approximately 80-100 Mandarin characters (and speak in full sentences!), build bridges, and much more. And of course, open play, snack/lunch, and outdoor recess blocks are scheduled throughout the day to give our growing minds plenty of space and time to nourish and use their imaginations (and rest them when they need it)! 


We invite you to explore our Early Learning Developmental Milestones we work towards in Pre-K3 and Pre-K4. Further explore our Discovery Blocks of Learning on our website.

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