When students join a new school or return to school from their summer vacations, it can be an uneasy experience with all the changes year-to-year. Different teachers, different classes, different classmates can all contribute to lowering a student's confidence in the new school year. For this reason, BASIS Independent Brooklyn - like all BASIS.ed schools - conducts an annual program to help students ease their transition into the new school year that we call BASIS Organizational Skills for Success, or, simply, B.O.S.S.

Rather than adding all that stress to the first day of school, B.O.S.S. helps students to regain confidence and become excited for the new year. This task is accomplished on two fronts: the academic and the social.


On the academic side, B.O.S.S. works on the organizational skills of the student by providing instruction and support in the basic skills needed to be successful in all classes. Some examples of skills that B.O.S.S. covers include note taking, materials organization, classroom expectations, and locker use.

For the social aspect of school, B.O.S.S. introduces students to a variety of individuals that they will interact with throughout the school year including our Head of School, administrators, teachers, and, most importantly, their peers. Through a series of icebreakers and classes, we offer the opportunity for students to interact with and connect with individuals that will help shape their coming academic year.

Leah Steiner, Dean of the Early Education Program, sees B.O.S.S. as a way to "set up those routines and habits so students will be excited and ready to learn right from day one, and to begin building community within classes, grades, and the school as a whole. I even saw our amazing 2nd Graders acting out the 4 R's - the expectations for classroom behavior at BASIS Independent Brooklyn: respect for your friendships, respect for learning, respect for the classroom, and respect for your community."

Overall, the B.O.S.S. program aims to make the first day of school no longer feel like the first day of school but instead like the start of a wondrous new adventure.

Curious to learn more about our program? Join us at an upcoming Information Session.