On Tuesday, December 9th, BASIS Independent Brooklyn proudly accepted the Blackboard Award in the category of “New and Noteworthy" schools, presented by New York Family magazine. We were the only new school to receive this honor. It was such a pleasure to take the stage flanked by representatives from some of the highest regarded educational institutions in the city after such a short amount of time in operation here in Brooklyn.   StudentTeacher

As is only natural after receiving some sort of recognition, I reflected on the last few months to understand why we received this award. The answer is simple. We received this award because of our faculty. It is unusual for such a new school to receive this prestigious award, but the community and our parents so love what we are doing, they spread the word. 

At the ceremony, we were represented by two 7th graders, a 1st grader, and a 3rd grader and their parents. It was such a treat to have these students and parents there cheering for the school they love.  Faculty was represented by Matt Goldman, Corrie-Beth Zubia and Annie Kim. I think I may be even a little prouder today of this amazing faculty, if that is possible.  Finally, Larry Berman, and Teresa Shorbe represented our staff and BASIS.ed. Ali Hancock, LaNette Hodge, and Kathleen Adams, our outstanding enrollment team who brought us all these wonderful kids were there to see the fruit of their work.



Thank you to our entire community for the outstanding work that brought us this award. We have our crystal apple and plaque proudly on display. 

Below is the note  I received from one of the parents who attended the event last night:

"Dear Rosalind, 

Congratulations again on a well-deserved award tonight. Your speech was wonderful and underscored all the reasons we love BASIS. Our kids treated us to songs in Mandarin all the way home, which seemed appropriate given the occasion. Thank you again for inviting us to celebrate with you. It was an honor to be there in support of our beloved new school with an amazing team of professionals lucky to have you leading the way forward."

Thank you to everyone who made this honor possible! Please read our interview with New York Family Magazine here.