We're proud to share some exciting news out of our sister school, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, who just last week rounded off their college admissions season! Keep reading for the statistics on this year's college admissions, hot off the press from the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley blog: 

SV_Seniors.jpgWith our first graduating class comes our first round of college admissions. At our State of the School address in February, we shared with participants some of the preliminary results of the tireless work of our BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Dean and College Counselor, Mr. Chris Wilcox, and our students as they worked together to fulfill college dreams. In their senior year, BASIS Independent Schools students take a daily College Counseling course and place a large focus of their time ensuring they have their best foot forward. We are pleased to share that all college admissions results are in: our very first graduating class has gained admission to some of the top universities in the nation! 

In this post, we share with you a list of our college admissions, related statistics, and the list of the colleges and universities that have made visits to BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. Given this is our first graduating class, we're proud to be firmly planted on the radar of some of the best colleges and universities in the country, if not the world.

2015-2016 College Admissions

In a letter to the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley community on April 6, College Counselor Mr. Chris Wilcox shared, "What a wonderful inaugural year this has been on the college admissions front!  Over spring break, our 14 seniors received news on the remainder of their college acceptances, and we now have a full list of colleges to report." He ends by sharing, "I am personally so proud of the accomplishments of each and every student. 100% of our students were admitted to a college, and all have multiple strong offers. Congrats seniors!"

American University (1) Stony Brook University (1)
Arizona State University (1) University of Arizona (1)
Boston University (3) University of California – Berkeley (3)
California Lutheran University (1) University of California – Davis (5)
California Polytechnic State University – SLO (2) University of California – Irvine (4)
California State University – East Bay (1) University of California – Los Angeles (3)
Case Western Reserve University (2) University of California – Riverside (2)
College of William & Mary (1) University of California – San Diego (8)
Cornell University (2) University of California – Santa Barbara (6)
Drexel University (1) University of California – Santa Cruz (7)
Georgetown University (1) University of Edinburgh (2)
Indiana University – Bloomington (1) University of Glasgow (1)
King’s College London (1) University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign (1)
Michigan State University (2) University of Leeds (1)
New York University (2) University of Manchester (1)
North Carolina State University (1) University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (1)
Ohio State University (1) University of Pittsburgh (1)
Purdue University (3) University of Southern California (2)
Rutgers University – Camden (1) University of Texas – Austin (1)
San Diego State University (1) University of the Pacific (1)
San Francisco State University (2) University of Washington (3)
San Jose State University (5) Washington University in St. Louis (2)
Santa Clara University (4) Wayne State University (1)
Scripps College (2) Yale University (1)
St. John’s University (1)  

Mr. Wilcox shared some statistics on the significance of the college admissions:

  • Our seniors did quite well with schools highlighted in US News & World Report. Over 70% of the graduating class had at least one offer of admission to a school ranked in the top 50 National Universities, and most of these students received offers to multiple schools in this list. Over 35% of the graduating class had at least one offer of admission to a school ranked in the top 25 National Universities.
  • Our seniors did phenomenally well with the University of California school system.  We had three students accepted to both Berkeley and UCLA.  UC San Diego expressed the most love for BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students with an amazing 8 acceptances!
  • Three seniors were offered admission to Ivy League schools this year – one to Yale University and two to Cornell University.

2015-2016 School Visits

College and University visits are an important element of the toolkit that college counselors use to educate top colleges and universities on the quality of the student body at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. BASIS Independent Schools students are uniquely positioned for top colleges for myriad reasons: our accelerated, academic program, coupled with expert teachers who are genuinely invested in the success of each child, our dedicated college counseling program with low counselor-student ratios, plus the reputation that BASIS.ed-managed schools have long-established with colleges around the world. Colleges and universities recognize what it means to have graduated from a BASIS.ed school, and school visits play a key role in reinforcing the quality of our program. We were delighted to host not only the fantastic institutions in the state of California, but also to open our doors to prominent schools all over the country, including Cooper Union, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale, to name a few.

View 2015-2016 college visits here.

Congratulations to our students and to College Counselor Mr. Chris Wilcox for an outstanding first year of college acceptances at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley! As we grow from our two flagship campuses, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley and BASIS Independent Brooklyn, to planting our flag in some of the most exciting geographies in the country with BASIS Independent McLean, BASIS Independent Manhattan, and BASIS Independent Fremont, this incredible accomplishment is a sure sign of things to come for students at BASIS Independent Schools! 

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