Welcome to BASIS Independent Bellevue!

In our private school, we combine the world's highest academic standards with the innovation and creative spirit of American education. We set the bar high for students with an advanced, content-rich curriculum spanning both the liberal arts and STEM, led by passionate Subject Expert Teachers who support them along their journey. Through a focus on interdisciplinary instruction and experiential learning, our program fosters individuality, self-confidence, and resilience as students build critical inquiry and problem-solving skills. 

We believe any motivated student can meet and exceed whatever challenge they face. Our ultimate goal is to inspire students to become active participants--not spectators--in their education and beyond. 

BASIS Independent Schools practices the internationally-benchmarked BASIS Curriculum. The co-founders of the BASIS Curriculum and BASIS Curriculum Schools, which includes BASIS Independent Bellevue, developed a distinct mission after co-founder Dr. Michael Block discovered that students in his university classroom, who were educated abroad, were more prepared to excel in their studies. This coincided when his wife, co-founder Olga Block, couldn’t find a high school program in the U.S. for her daughter that matched the content depth of her own education from Eastern Europe. In 1998, they opened their first school in Tucson, Arizona, and many more after their internationally benchmarked program proved incredibly successful not only in preparing students for college and university but also in raising critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity skills to a new standard. 

BASIS Independent Bellevue will provide students the type of education found in the top education systems in the world such as Finland, China, and Singapore. The learning experience we offer is built upon three pillars – Curriculum, Subject Expert Teachers, and Student Support. 

The BASIS Curriculum

BASIS Independent Students will participate in a rigorous liberal arts program with advanced STEM offerings. Our global best practices curriculum spirals. As students progress they make connections building and honing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills. The BASIS Curriculum introduces high content standards early to not only build a foundation of disciplinary knowledge but also enable students to explore, achieve successes, undergo failures, and overall, build a love for learning.

Curriculum and Program Highlights:

  • In our Primary Program, students have two teachers in each classroom: A Subject Expert Teacher (SET) and a Learning Expert Teacher (LET)
  • Engineering is a required course in grades 3 and 4 and becomes an elective option beginning in grade 7
  • Mandarin is taught in grades 3 and 4, Latin in grades 5 and 6, and beginning in grade 7, students select French, Latin, Mandarin, or Spanish as their world language
  • Differentiated math levels begin in middle school
  • Students have three periods a week each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in grades 6, 7, and 8
  • In our High School Program, students engage in an Advanced Placement® program where APs are required; for this reason, we recommend families enroll in our middle and primary program to fully prepare for AP coursework in high school
  • A specialized Senior Year that includes a daily college counseling class for two trimesters in length, post-AP courses (Capstones), and a Senior Project to complete the final trimester

Subject Expert Teachers
Ask a BASIS Independent student who their favorite teacher is, and they will commonly respond, “all of them!” This passion of our students for our teachers is reflective of our intentional approach to the classroom.

Our Subject Expert Teachers (SET) have a degree of autonomy in the classroom to bring to life the BASIS Curriculum. SETs are not provided full written lesson plans with follow-along instruction, instead, our educators can bring their own, creative ways to the BASIS Curriculum incorporating their prior academic or work experience to increase content knowledge. For example, a BASIS Independent Chemistry SET who taught at a university level can introduce some of her university content to her grade 7 students, who are eager and hungry for more knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Courses are taught by SETs and beginning in the primary years, students rotate classes for each subject and have a SET for each discipline versus one generalist teacher who is responsible for multiple subjects. In addition to their instructional time in the classroom, each teacher provides students two hours a week for office hours.

Student Support
We are a student-focused community. Our Student Affairs Team ensures new and returning students are set up for success and acclimate to our program.

New students will regularly meet with their Dean of Students at the start of the school year. In these meetings, the student and Dean will set goals, discuss the action items required, and resources available to meet these established targets. The goal is not to have students on a support plan for the entire year but instead, equip new students with the tools to become independent stewards and prevail. As the school year progresses, the Dean will periodically check in with the new students, and the students are encouraged to reach out to their Dean and to their teachers for continued support when needed.

In order to remain student-focused, our community must not only support students academically but also socially and emotionally as well. Through our Connections classes, Student Affairs Team, school leadership, and Learning Expert Teachers, we are constantly focused on how our students are doing both in and out of the classroom. In conjunction with their home, the school is focused on helping students express themselves, work through their problems, make friends, and find opportunities to grow both as an individual and as member of the school community.

The Results
In a global economy, in an environment that is hyperconnected to a substantial amount of information and knowledge sharing, students need to be prepared with the skills to actively participate, not spectate. When students are participants, they can synthesize large amounts of information to make significant contributions for themselves and for those around them. In our program, students develop the knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges. They develop critical skills, such as analyzing, reasoning, and communicating ideas, to ensure their success in college and beyond, and in any type of endeavor that they take on. By challenging and equipping students with deep content knowledge and keen organizational skills, we’re helping them become more confident in their intellectual abilities.

From outperforming their peers across the world in math, reading, and science to gaining acceptance to the world’s top colleges and universities, read more about our student results through this link.

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Campus Location
BASIS Independent Bellevue will be located in the Crossroads neighborhood of Bellevue at 15749 NE 4th Street. Our campus will be shared with the Jewish Day School of Bellevue (JDS) for the first several years of our operation. After that time, JDS will relocate to a different campus and BASIS Independent Bellevue will be the sole operator on the property.