From a nationally recognized STEM-focused, liberal arts curriculum to an outdoor field, gym, and modernized classrooms, BASIS Independent Bellevue's campus is the centerpiece of our mission to raise critical thinking and problem solving to an international level.

BASIS Independent Bellevue is located in the tree-lined Crossroads and Lake Hills neighborhood between downtown Bellevue and Lake Sammamish. Our school is opening fall 2022 with Grades 2 - 7 to start, and each school year, we will expand into a Middle and High School Program (Grades 5 - 12). We are now accepting applications for Grades 2 - 7.

In our first year, students will engage in a variety of classrooms, a gym, and outdoor field. Initially, our campus will be shared with the Jewish Day School of Bellevue (JDS) for the first several years of our operation. During this first year, BASIS Independent Bellevue students will have a dedicated campus wing of classrooms and administrative offices separate from JDS classrooms and offices. In upcoming phases, BASIS Independent Bellevue will expand into more classrooms. Around the same time, JDS will relocate to a different location in the Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan area, and BASIS Independent Bellevue will become the sole owner of the existing campus and all facilities. 

Ready to take a look at our classrooms and more? Let's explore!

BINS BLV Main Entrance-1Entry to our Administrative Offices
In this suite of offices, students and parents will find our Front Office Team to welcome families, Head of School, Head of Operations, Student Affairs, Academic Programs, and Admissions. The structure of BASIS Independent Administration is designed to support our Subject Expert and Learning Expert Teachers and set our students up for success. To the right of our administrative offices will be 12 classrooms for our students. Let us look inside a couple of those classrooms below!


Modernized Classrooms
Students across all grades will engage in modernized classrooms with Subject Expert Teachers. Our teachers are dedicated, hard-working, passionate subject experts who believe that every child can succeed. Due to the size of the BASIS Curriculum Schools network and draw of the Pacific Northwest, we already have interest from teachers across our network to join BASIS Independent Bellevue.


Art Classroom

Primary Classroom - Art Room
Our Primary Program will feature an Art Room and other classrooms as students travel from classroom to classroom during the school day and rotate Subject Expert Teachers by discipline (a middle school model that begins in primary). To learn more about our unique Two-Teacher model in primary, please click here. Students in our Primary Program will take Fine Arts courses throughout the week including Music, Performance Arts, and Visual Arts. They will also take an Engineering & Technology class in addition to Math and Science, Humanities, and more. 

Biology Lab

Science and Engineering Labs
In our first phase, we will have Biology, Physics and Engineering labs. As we expand our renovations, we will include Chemistry labs. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8, will take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics three times a week each, and each led by a Subject Expert Teacher. Beginning in Grade 7, students will select their World Language (French, Latin, Mandarin, or Spanish), which they will take each school year in Grades 7-12. 

Future Upgrades
Over the next several school years, we have planned upgrades of current campus facilities. Beginning in our first school year (2022-23), students will have an outdoor field, gymnasium, and multi-purpose room for PE, recess, lunch, and of course, afterschool clubs, athletics, and competitions.

Review our Future Upgrades below.

BASIS Independent Bellevue - Field View

Athletics Field and Track 
In our first several years, students will use the existing field for a variety of activities including recess, athletics, PE, school community events, and more. As our school grows, we will upgrade the facility to include a track. Additionally, in our first year and beyond, students in our Primary Program will have a playground to use during recess.  

Gym Location

From hosting PE & Sports classes to recreational and competitive basketball and volleyball games, BASIS Independent Bellevue students will make great use of our gymnasium. This architectural drawing shows a future upgrade of the gym in the next several years. Students will have use of the gym beginning in our founding year!


Multi-Purpose Room (Cafeteria)
In this large space, BASIS Independent Bellevue students will meet for lunch and other events that bring our school community together. This drawing illustrates our planned upgrade of this space in the next several years.


Campus View

BASIS Independent Bellevue - Join our Community!
We are excited to build a dynamic and well-rounded school community of students, faculty and staff, and parents. We look forward to our founding school year and beyond as we open our doors to our program, and vision of becoming the global leader in education in the Pacific Northwest.

Attend a Campus Tour this Fall!
Join school leadership on a Campus Tour to view our campus and facilities while learning about our program. Tours are available weekdays between 4:00 and 6:00 PM
To register for a Campus Tour, please click here!

BASIS Independent Bellevue is a private school opening fall 2022. We will open with Grades 2 – 7 to start and add a grade level each school year as we expand to a full middle and high school. Please join our interest list for updates, event information, and more. Click here to join our interest list!