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May 31, 2017

Parent Perspectives: BASIS Independent NYC and Gifted & Talented Programs

“I want to stress…there is no such thing as a gifted & talented curriculum,” Alina Adams told our recent parent panel and audience when delving into selective NYC public school options. Ms. Adams is an education consultant and reporter who wrote the books Getting Into NYC Kindergarten and Getting Into NYC High School.

Ms. Adams moderated our panel to provide parents with more information on G&T lead photo for blog.jpgthe New York City Public School Gifted & Talented (G&T) options, how to navigate the admissions process and how BASIS Curriculum Schools are different. Read on for a brief recap of the key themes from the discussion, as well as personal perspectives shared by current BASIS Independent Brooklyn parents who had transferred from G&T programs.

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May 18, 2017

3 Questions For Dr. Mark Reford

As we count down the months leading up to the start of our inaugural year at BASIS Independent Manhattan, it is important to remember that we are supported by the power of the network, a collective experience of managing some of the best schools in the world. Over the next few weeks, we will bring you updates on and brief interviews with our founding faculty, staff, and key BASIS Curriculum Schools personnel whose impacts do truly extend to the very classroom your child will step foot into on the first day of school (and the many days to follow). 


BASIS Curriculum Schools veteran Dr. Mark Reford is one of the people responsible for ensuring quality and consistency of effective teaching methods in classrooms and program offerings across our schools. Having helped open the very first BASIS Independent Schools, Dr. Reford's perspective on maintaining the integrity of our program is particularly poignant as we are poised to open for our inaugural year.

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May 12, 2017

Leadership Spotlight: Larry Berman - Head of Operations

BASIS Independent Manhattan's newly appointed Head of Operations rejoins Ms. Rizzo from our sister campus BASIS Independent Brooklyn. Mr. Berman served as the inaugural Director of Student Affairs at the Brooklyn campus until 2016 when he assumed the role of interim Head of Operations. He was an instrumental part of the development and growth of our school in Red Hook. Larry Berman.jpg

Earlier this year, Mr. Berman's family grew with the birth of his baby daughter Demi, who turns one in September. The Bermans reside on the Upper East Side, which prompted the transfer to Manhattan.

Mr. Berman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from Binghamton University, Master of Arts in Elementary Education from St. Johns University, and Certification in Child Developmental Psychology from Queens College.

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April 27, 2017

Leadership Spotlight: Michael Scionti - Director of Academic Programs

BASIS Independent Manhattan's newly appointed Director of Academic Programs Mike Scionti will join us from our sister charter school BASIS Oro Valley (K - Gr. 12). Mike, his MikeScionti_image.jpgwife, and two children are relocating from Arizona this summer, and he is thrilled to join our BASIS Independent Manhattan team. 

Mr. Scionti leaves BASIS Oro Valley on a high note with the recent release of U.S. News & World Report high school rankings placing the school as the third best public high school in the country (among the 22,000 public high schools ranked in all 50 states and the District of Columbia). The high schools ranked #1 and #2 were also BASIS Curriculum Schools.

We sat down with Mr. Scionti to ask some simple, yet important, questions to help familiarize you with the newest member of the BIM leadership team.

Can you explain a bit about your role as Director of Academic Programs? Many families might not know exactly what that entails. 

My role has many different elements but achieving great results with students is always at the forefront. The Director of Academic Programs reviews data constantly and works with teachers to customize plans of instruction - either for the class or for individuals - to deliver the highest quality teaching possible. I will also be looking after the various internal and external assessments that measure our students' learning and serving as a communication link between the school and families at home.

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April 26, 2017

NEW RANKINGS: 5 BASIS Curriculum Schools Ranked in Nation's Top 10

In new rankings released Monday evening, the BASIS Curriculum Schools network has the three best public high schools in the nation, four of the top five, and five of the top seven public high schools, in what is among the most-admired annual reports on American high schools.

The BASIS Curriculum Schools network had five schools eligible for the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings. It is the first time a network or district has swept the top three spots – or had four of the top five, five of the top seven, or even five of the top ten:

BASIS Scottsdale - #1 high school in U.S.

BASIS Tucson North - #2 high school in U.S.

BASIS Oro Valley - #3 high school in U.S.

BASIS Peoria - #5 high school in U.S.

BASIS Chandler - #7 high school in U.S.

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April 20, 2017

What is the Vetting Process for Teaching Candidates?

We employ a rigorous teacher hiring process designed to offer multiple levels of review to give us the greatest insight into the qualifications of a candidate. In our hiring process, the collaboration between the Talent Acquisition team and the autonomy of the Head of School help to determine the best fit for each school community leading to the successful execution of our program and the happiness of our students. Below is the sequence of the hiring process: 

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April 19, 2017

Special Event: The Science of Cooking!

Only a few more days are left to register for our Science of Cooking event at iconic NYC restaurant Le Cirque. Participants will enjoy lessons and hands-on demonstrations illustrating the science of cooking by BASIS Independent Schools science teachers and MasterChef Junior competitor and BASIS Independent Brooklyn student Donovan. Read below for an interview with Donovan from our Brooklyn school blog and be sure to register here for the last few spots!


It is no secret that our students are multifaceted. BASIS Curriculum students are Model U.N. winners, history bee competitors, inventors, entrepreneurs, Olympic Trial swimmers, chess champions, community activists, movie directors, and mathletes. 

A typical BASIS Curriculum student, 4th grader Donovan has always been many things - a thoughtful friend, focused Donovan.jpg
student, and very talented chef. His friends, family and teachers have always known about Donovan's incredible love of cooking. Recently the whole country will get the chance to see Donovan flex his culinary muscles as he competed in MasterChef Junior Season 5.

We took a moment to ask Donovan and his dad Scott about the experience and Donovan's love of cooking.

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