We will cut to the chase. It is rolling admissions time, and with that brings some bad news and good news. Bad news first: yes, it is true that our regular admissions deadline has come and passed.

The good news? It is not too late to apply for fall 2017 admissions. This week marks the kick-off of our rolling admission cycle.

Now that you've breathed your sigh of relief, let's continue with some important information regarding what rolling admissions means for you and your family. 

We are anticipating getting pretty close to our full capacity of about 900 this coming September, so rolling admissions will look a little different this year than it has in the past. 

(1) If you are planning to apply for fall 2017 and haven't yet done so, get to it ASAP! This is not just because we are excited to meet you and get to know your child (we truly are!), but applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, which means the sooner you complete the requirements, the sooner you will receive an admissions notification.

(2) Applicants for certain grades will not be reviewed until mid/late-March, but it is important to submit an application to take that first step. We will not have clarity on the number of spaces that we will have or the size of the waitlist after regular admissions acceptances for PreK1, kindergarten, and grades 4 or 9 until mid-March. If it turns out at that time that we do not have space – even on the waitlist – we will credit your application fee for future years. This year, there is bit more space available in the less traditional entry grades (the last year we anticipate this being the case). Please contact admissions for more details. 

(3) Read below for steps on the rolling admissions process.

A. Submit an online application Submit an online application and select “Rolling Admission Cycle” on the Application Cycle drop-down menu. 

B.Schedule required meetings via the online application. Requirements vary by grade; please be sure to review the appropriate grade-level checklist found on our website.

C. Gather required supplementary materials. Requirements vary by grade.  Be sure to vist our website for grade-level specific requirements.

D. Keep note of the following key dates:

Deadline for Completed Application: Applications for all grades are open until the grade has filled. Once a grade has closed, submitted applications that receive a letter of acceptance will automatically go on our waitlist.
Notification Date:  Beginning March 6, 2017, we aim to notify you within 10 business days of receiving your completed application. Please note that an application is deemed complete when the supplementary materials are received and required meetings are attended.
Commitment Date:  Admitted Rolling Admissions applicants will be required to commit within 15 business days of being offered a seat. A commitment includes a signed enrollment agreement and payment of a $3,000 enrollment deposit. 

Take the next step towards joining the BASIS Independent Brooklyn community! 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at brooklyn-admissions@basisindependent.com. Ready to take the next step?