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April 5, 2017

Check in with BASIS Independent Silicon Valley: 15 Minutes With College Counselor, Mr. Bojko (plus a Class of 2017 college admissions update!)

It should come as no surprise that this time of year is incredibly busy for college admissions counselors across the world - and our sister school BASIS Independent Silicon Valley's counseling department is no exception. For students, what feels like a mammoth outcome of the last decade plus of their young lives comes to light, and for college counselors like Mr. Bojko, their incredible dedication really pays off as students start to look, with clarity unlike any prior, on what the next few years will look like for them.

All things considered, I was happy to catch Mr. Bojko for 15 minutes this week to get an update on college acceptances thus far and pick his brain on what makes the way BASIS Independent Silicon Valley does college counseling so unique. Mostly here for the college acceptances update? Jump to the bottom of the post.


AH: First, for the bigger-picture questions. Why college counseling?

TB: I finished graduate school in 2001, moved to Japan and got a job working for the Princeton Review, mostly with graduate school admissions. I wasn’t sure how I would like it, honestly, but it ended up being loads of fun. I loved getting immediate access to how people thought about themselves and their lives, especially because in Japanese culture such outward self-reflection is so unusual. Before Japan, I had worked in schools and I eventually started missing the school environment where I would know kids for years and not months, following them through their academic journey. That’s when I moved into college counseling.

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March 30, 2017

College Acceptance to Top Tier Universities by Graduation Type

BASIS Curriculum Schools have amassed research on the sorts of college acceptances our students receive based on their honor designation upon graduation. As everyone enjoys a little data with their Friday, please take a look at the included information on college acceptance organized by graduation type.

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March 28, 2017

Summer Spotlight: What summer programs should new students participate in?

Let's face it: changing schools can be exciting and intimidating. There's so much to think about when it comes to a student's first year at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. You've got a lot of questions, like, "what should I do prepare my student in math?" or, "what extracurriculars might my child summer.jpg
want to participate in?" even "will she like the lunch" We know your child is probably most concerned with things like, "will I make friends?" and "will my teachers be nice?"

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March 14, 2017

BASIS Independent Brooklyn Students Excel in Math Competitions

Recently BASIS Independent Brooklyn students garnered prestigious honors in math competitions, and we wanted to take a moment to share the exciting news with our community.

Our inaugral MATHCOUNTS team won second place (missed 1st place by one point!) in the regional Brooklyn competition among the top private and public middle schools. One of our students, Max S., even took home the 1st place trophy for individual achievment.


Now our team moves ahead to the New York State competition in Troy, New York in mid-March. Sister campus BASIS Independent McLean recently won their regional competition as well, so we have lots to celebrate across the network!

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February 28, 2017

From Transportation to Teachers: Top 5 BASIS Independent Summer FAQs

The recent release of the summer program offerings has a lot of folks excited! From Traditional Day Camp to Astronomy to Robotics (and everything in between!) our summer program has something for everyone. We've compiled answers to the top 5 questions that we're hearing, but if you have questions of your own, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or leave them in the comments section below!

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February 16, 2017

Summer Spotlight: Astronomy

Summer Program Spotlight on Astronomy

This week our spotlight series is on one of our science programs, Astronomy, which was developed and is taught by BASIS Independent Brooklyn all-star Mr. Joshua Winter. Astronomy is a full-day program that will give students entering Grades 5-8 the opportunity to learn about the foundation of our planet and the solar Winter_Joshua_0051.jpgsystem through interactive classroom instruction and exciting field trips.

The program will be held during the first week of BASIS Independent Summer on our Brooklyn campus July 10-14.

We took the opportunity to talk to Mr. Winter to learn more about the programs and hear why he is excited to be part of the summer program. 

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February 13, 2017

Exploring the World of Games

Greg Trefry is a BASIS Independent Brooklyn parent who just happens to teach a graduate-level class at NYU called Designing Games for Kids. He brought his NYU graduate students into Ms. Connor's PreK classes this week to play board games. But, what happened inside the classroom was so much more interesting than simple game playing. 

Greg wanted his class to meet with some of our youngest students, including his son, to play board or physical games with them before his graduate students designed new games for the kids - based on their observations. A month later, the same graduate students will return to share their games with the children and gather feedback.  

DSC_0002-3.jpgWe took a moment to ask Greg some questions about the trip as well as more general questions on students and games that often pop up in conversations in our community.

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February 10, 2017

What is Rolling Admissions, Anyway?


We will cut to the chase. It is rolling admissions time, and with that brings some bad news and good news. Bad news first: yes, it is true that our regular admissions deadline has come and passed.

The good news? It is not too late to apply for fall 2017 admissions. This week marks the kick-off of our rolling admission cycle.

Now that you've breathed your sigh of relief, let's continue with some important information regarding what rolling admissions means for you and your family. 

We are anticipating getting pretty close to our full capacity of about 900 this coming September, so rolling admissions will look a little different this year than it has in the past. 

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